Cat Price in Pakistan

Last Updated on December 3, 2022 by Dr. Ali Shahid

Being a cat lover in Pakistan, you have probably thought about getting a cat. Due to their beauty, cuteness, innocence, fluffiness, and playful nature, cats have become increasingly popular in Pakistan.

The number of Pakistani families that own cats has dramatically increased over the past year. You must be wondering what the cat price in Pakistan would be.

Here are some things you should know before getting a cat. Different breeds of cats have different prices. There is even variation within breeds. Cats and kittens are priced according to breed, age, health status, and demand. So, there is no fixed price for cats.

The average Cat Price in Pakistan ranges from 3000-60000 rupees. Many factors are contributing to this variation, as discussed above. Find out how these factors affect cat prices.

 Factors affecting the price of a cat are listed below.


The breed is the most important factor in determining a cat’s price. All breeds have unique characteristics that make them popular. Consequently, the prices of different breeds vary.

The Persian cat, for example, is one of the most popular cats in Pakistan. It is known for its fluffy coat and sweet nature. It is because of this that Persian cats are the most expensive breed in Pakistan.

Persian cat breeds also vary based on their facial characteristics. The Persian cat has the most expensive face, which is called a piki. It is expensive due to its docile nature. Compared to piki faces, punch face cats are cheaper, but they still range from 20000-30000 rupees.

Compared to other Persian cats, dol-faced cats are the least expensive. This is due to their somewhat aggressive nature compared to other Persian cats. In Pakistan, the cheapest breed of cat is a short-haired breed.

In Pakistan, people are fond of dense and fluffy fur like Persian cats. For this reason, short-haired cats are the most affordable breed. In addition, purebreds are more expensive than crossbreds.


Cats’ age is another factor that affects their price. Kittens are generally more expensive than adult cats. That’s because kittens are more easily trained. In contrast, adults require more effort to train.

Since cats love their routines, it is very difficult to train them or teach them new commands.

In the case of kittens, you can train them according to your daily routine. Therefore, the demand for kittens increases, leading to an increase in price.

Health Status

It is more common for Pakistanis to opt for a cat with a low risk of suffering from any deadly diseases. These fragile cats cost less than those with stronger immune systems and are accustomed to living in Pakistan.

A vaccinated cat is also more expensive than a non-vaccinated cat. If someone does not want kittens from a cat, they prefer neutered cats. By doing so, they can save a lot of time and effort. Therefore, healthy cats are more expensive than diseased, and non-vaccinated cats.


All in all, we can say that fixing a price for cats is nearly impossible, as many factors influence it. In Pakistan, cat prices range between 3000-60000 rupees.

We hope that this article will assist you in understanding why one breed of cat is more expensive than another. This article will enable you to buy a cat that meets your needs.

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