Punch Face Cat in Pakistan

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Which breed is called punch face and why is it called so?

Punch face cat is one of the face types of Persian cats. The term “punch” is derived from the flat face and shape of the punch. 

Punch Face Cat in Pakistan

In every home where the punch face cat is raised, it become the most beloved member. These cats have an extraordinary ability to show affection to their master.

The people who raise cats as a business say that it is profitable. Cat lovers of Pakistan prefer the Persian breed to adopt.

There are many varieties of punch face cats are available in Pakistan. The most important factor of the Persian cat is its nose.

Their nose makes them different from other cats.

Some of the types are extreme punch, full punch, semi punch, dolly face, and many more.

A long list of Persian cats has breeders.

The most famous type of punch face cat in Pakistan is the extreme punch cat. 

The semi-punch cat is relatively low in price than the pure punch cat. The semi-punch cat cost is 6000 to 10,000 Rupees.

The Pure punch cat cost 10,000 to 30,000. The kitten is available at a low price.

The charming and attractive personality of the Persian cat makes it famous. People love to adopt Persian cats.

The demand for Persian cats is increasing day by day in Pakistan.

One thing more if you want a cat that will go outside then this breed is not suitable. If you choose Ragdoll then strictly indoors is best for her.

Punch face cats or Persian cats are ideal for breeding in small and large places. Persian cats have furry coat. They need regular care of their coat.

We need a proper time to comb their hair. If you want to keep them healthy ensure a hygienic environment.

Punch Face Cats’ Description:

The punch face cat is always bred with a round head, short face, nip nose, chubby cheeks, and short healthy body.

With time features become bold. The head becomes huge and round, with beautiful round eyes.

A cute colored short nose, chubby cheeks, and little ears with round tips.

Punch face cat is a medium-sized cat.

 The weight is about 7-12 pounds. According to the body Persian cat has a short tail. Persian cats have short legs with strong round paws. 

Persian cats are found in a variety of colors like black, red, smoke, blue-cream, and pure white as well.

The life span of punch-face cats is between 12-17 years.

Persian cats are considered good-natured and disciplined animals. They are also considered as best pets and friends of humans.

Persian cats are very soft and calm-natured animals. They like a peaceful environment.

Punch-face cats are good learners. They required enough time to train. They love to relax in high places may be your bookshelf top. 

Punch Face Cat Breeding:

Punch face cat breeding depends on the age of kittens, an expert in handling, space, and body temperature.

The female Persian cat can breed at the age of eight-month. While the male at the age of one year.

The pregnancy period of cats is 60-67 days. For healthy kittens the male and female mate in adjacent cages.

For business purposes, it is best to use different breeds of Persian cats. They give birth to 4-7 babies in one delivery.  

If you want to raise cats in cages only. You need to arrange all things that they need in cages.

They need proper food and fresh water. A Toilet tray is also required. Persian cats are also famous for their cleanliness. They love to brush daily. 

Cleanliness of their eyes and ears is also necessary for good health. Also, arrange some toys in their cage. Punch-face cats love to play with toys.

Prepare the toilet tray with sand or maize powder. Clean it regularly. 

Punch face Cats health. 

Yes, health is strongly attached to care. So to keep your cat healthy you need proper care for it.

What precautionary measures should a cat keeper take?

The foremost step is cleanliness. It would help if you kept the bed clean. They become infected with bacteria and other germs.

It is best to take proper training before taking it. It is best to take help from a veterinarian. If you want to raise a cat in a cage it should be spacious.

Most parts of Pakistan have hot seasons. So the people of these areas arrange a proper cooling system for Persian cats. 

Hot weather is not good for Persian cat health. You can

Create a family of cats in just eight months.


What can we feed our Persian cat instead of cat food?

Packed food is good for your cat’s health. If you want to make food at home there are a lot of recipes available.

But you have to follow them exactly and add the vitamin and minerals. You need to add the right proportion of supplements.

If homemade food is not prepared correctly it may cause serious cat problems.

What is the cost of punch face cats in Pakistan?

Prices of punch face cats vary in different parts of Pakistan. The price of cats also varies with their colors.

The price of kittens is less than an adult cat. The Persian triple coat white cat is expensive compared to other colors.

Their prices vary between 10 thousand to 1 lac.


The punch-face cat has a calm, sweet, gentle personality. It is the beautiful and loving companion of humans.

Punch face cat has a long flowing coat that must be groomed regularly. This cat requires proper time to maintain. It is difficult to keep in hot weather.

The people of south Punjab must arrange an air cooler or AC before adopting it. Hot weather harms your pet.

The Persian is an old breed, but few people know about its history. I think I have provided you with all the possible details about the punch face cat.

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