Persian Cat in Pakistan

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Persian cat in pakistan

The Persian cat is one of the most popular breeds of cat on the planet, as well as in Pakistan. This breed is the glamor cat of the world. A combination of their gorgeous coat, sweet personality, and sweet face has made them one of the most popular breeds. Because of the same qualities, Persian cats in Pakistan are the top choice of pet lovers.

Even though they are unlikely to hiss or scratch at every little sound, it is possible that children and pets might irritate them. 

They may have health issues as well as need high maintenance, but their looks and personalities make up for these shortcomings.

In this article, we will go over some important information every Persian cat lover should know.

History of Persian Cat in Pakistan

One of the oldest breeds of cats you will ever see today is the Persian cat. Though their origin is unclear, most agree that these cats originated in Persia or Turkey.

Queen Victoria was fond of these cats, which made them famous in England. Their introduction to the United States was at the end of the 19th century.

As for favorites, they soon overtook the longhaired Maine Coon cat, which used to be the beloved pet of Americans.

In 2013, the Cat Fanciers Association ranked the Persian Cat as the most popular breed in the United States.


A Persian cat is without a doubt the most beautiful cat you can ever see. Felines like these are typically small, stocky, and have thick fur coats.

Nonetheless, there is one characteristic that comes to mind when you consider Persians’ appearance: their adorable faces.

Persian cats came in two varieties over the years- the show type also known as peke-face and the traditional type known as doll face.

Peke-face Persian faces tend to be flatter, ears are smaller, and their coats are thicker and their eyes larger.

Traditional Persian cats look more like the first photographs of the breed and have less pronounced features.

Their coat is long and glossy and is completed with a fine texture. Its body is covered in a wonderful ruff, and its front legs are adorned with a deep frill.

The ears and toes are covered in long hair, and the tail is full.

Weight: 3-6 Kg 

Height: 10–15 Inches

Price: The Persian cats for sale price in Pakistan ranges between 3000-30000Rs.

Life Span: The average life span of a Persian cat is 10 -17 years.


Persians are charming, as well as stylish. Although very sweet, they can be selective in their affection, making sure only those they trust receive their attention.

They enjoy quiet environments and therefore are not recommended for households with loud noises.

Despite this, they can be a great companion for older people and are not bothered by being left alone for short periods.

They enjoy watching you as you go about your daily activities from the couch or bed.


The Persians can also contract some diseases like other breeds of cats. Some diseases can be prevented by vaccinations like Feline calicivirus and feline panleukopenia.

Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy in cats causes sudden death. Other diseases such as cherry eyes retinal atrophy and entropion can also occur.

The only way to save the life of your Persian cat is proper management and regular vet visits.


Grooming Persian cats is necessary. Make sure to clean their eyes and comb their hair every day. Cleaning their ears every week is necessary to prevent ear infections.

Take them to the bath every fifteen days and make sure they are dry right away.

The grooming protocols have been well tested for their ability to enhance your cat’s health and appearance.

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