Cat Basket in Pakistan

Last Updated on March 1, 2023 by Dr. Ali Shahid

As a cat owner, I know it is cumbersome to take your cat outdoors holding it in your lap. Cat baskets are of great help if you want to carry your cat around or to a vet. In Pakistan, there are several variations in cat baskets and carriers in a price range of up to 5000 PKR.

Cat baskets are made of non-toxic rigid plastic material. These contain a top or side opening for cats to go in and out. Such baskets are very important accessories if you have a cat that is highly active and keeps running around.

This article will help you in choosing the right type of basket for your beloved cat. All of them are available in different sizes according to the age and weight of the cats. In my opinion, cat baskets can remove the hassle of keeping your cat in your hands all the time during travel.

1. Dual-Lid Cat Basket

Dual-Lid Cat Basket

This is one of the most common cat baskets available in Pakistan. Many cat owners choose this because it has convenient opening lids and ample space inside. The top dual-lid cat basket has a very rigid build with a lid clasp to secure the cat inside.

The basket contains mini holes to keep the inside ventilated and cool. The clasping lids are present on both sides so you can easily get the out of the basket. Another plus point is that dual-lid cat basket is easily available in the market and cheaper than other varieties.

2. Midi-Capri Cat Transport Basket

Midi-Capri Cat Transport Basket

How many times did you take your cat out by carrying it in a cardboard box? Say no more with the Midi-Capri cat basket. The whole lid of this basket can be removed by opening the two side-by-side clamps.

Midi-Capri cat basket is also made of rigid non-toxic plastic with a handle attached to the top. There is an additional nylon strap attached to it for carrying it over the shoulder. Midi-Capri Cat basket is excellent for carrying cats while on long traveling tours.

3. Front Door Collapsible Cat Carrier Basket

Front Door Collapsible Cat Carrier Basket

A very user-friendly variation in the range of cat baskets is the front door collapsible cat carrier. This carrier basket has a wide side opening door and a compact build quality. The wide door can be easily opened so you don’t struggle to get the cat out of it.

One of the biggest advantages of a collapsible cat basket is its compact design. The whole carrier basket can be converted into one single flat structure. It takes much less storage space than the other available cat baskets and carriers.

4. Metal Door Transport Cat Carrier

Metal Door Transport Cat Carrier

Last but not least on our list is the cat carrier with a strong metal door on the side. This carrier is also commonly available in Pakistan in multiple sizes and shapes. The build is pretty strong and you can easily move and transport an aggressive cat during travel or to a veterinarian.

The safety and security of this cat carrier are highly admired by pet owners. This cat carrier has a strong two-sided spring locking mechanism rather than plastic latches. Thus, there is no chance of accidental unlocking and cat escape.

Final Words

Restricting the movements of your cat is a big problem especially when your cat is aggressive. Cat baskets in Pakistan can ease your effort of taking your kitty to a vet or on a trip. There are several sizes available in cat baskets so make sure to get one according to your cat’s size.

All of the above-mentioned cat baskets can serve the purpose without causing any harm to cats. You can also increase comfort by adding soft bedding inside the basket. The latch locks will protect against accidental lid opening and thus, offer secure and safe cat transport.

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