How to Find a Good Lint Brush if You Own a Cat?

Last Updated on December 25, 2022 by Dr. Ali Shahid

Keeping a cat comes with many charms and surprises. These furry little pets shed their hair which is quite cumbersome to remove from fabric. Luckily, a good lint brush can solve your problem of removing excess pet hair from almost anywhere.

Lint brushes are extremely efficient in pulling out the fur and dust from a variety of items. For instance, clothes are regularly prone to catching a cat’s fur. Cat owners are very much interested in getting a lint brush as a necessary item.

So, what is a lint brush, and how good it is at fulfilling its purpose? I am going to help you in answering this important question. Besides, we’ll go through some common types of lint brushes available in the market.

Lint Brush & Its Types

Imagine getting ready for your important meeting but your cat wants to cuddle all of a sudden. Yes! That can happen which leads to the accumulation of a lot of fur on your favorite suit. This is where lint brush comes into play and removes all of that dirt and fur quite effectively.

There are a versatile variety of lint rollers currently available in the market. You can get them easily from your local pet shop if you own a fur-shedding cat at home. Below are some of the commonly available good lint brushes.

Lint Roller Brush

Lint Roller Brush

Lint rollers are probably a cheap solution to your fur-sticking problem. A typical lint roller consists of a paper-backed tape roll. The roll has numerous small paper leaves that you can remove easily.

Once a paper tape leaf is filled with fur and dust, you can remove it and start a new one. The roller can be adjusted in a handle you can use to roll on. This lint brush is inexpensive but the number of sticky tape papers is limited.

The lint roller brush can pull the cat fur out of the fabric of clothes and furniture pretty easily. These types of brushes are also available in mini sizes for easy-to-carry convenience. This is also easier to handle and doesn’t cause any harm to the underlying clothes.

Fabric Lint Brush

The second most common type of lint brush looks like a hair brush. But, the bristles are replaced by a layer of special fabric to remove dirt and cat fur. This type of lint brush has a long life and is a good alternative to sticky lint rollers.

Another advantage of a fabric lint brush is that you can gently remove all the fur and reuse it again. The fabric lint roller mostly works in one direction only to pull out the hairs. Many of these brushes are also reversible for left- and right-hand users.

Rubber Lint Brush

Rubber Lint Brush

If you remember a curry comb, you can get an idea about this type of lint brush. This lint brush is completely consisting of rubber material with small rubber bristles. You can use it by applying a circular motion over the fabric you want to be cleaned

The biggest advantage of a rubber lint brush is its durability. You can wash this brush using dishwashing soap and use it over and over. Besides, the curry comb rubber lint brush is gentler on the fabric and doesn’t pull out any fabric strings.

With that being said, above are some of the common lint brushes currently available. All of them are good in terms of serving their function of removing cat fur. At the same time, they are cheap and you can grab them from your local pet store.

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