Oral Care Products for Cats in Pakistan

Last Updated on January 12, 2023 by Dr. Ali Shahid

The importance of feline oral care can never be denied. Just like humans, cats can develop different types of dental problems in their life. Oral care products for cats are your way to go to improve the overall health of kitties.

Oral health also correlates with stress-related behaviors in the case of felines. There are many products available in the market claiming to perform precise oral care. However, the best ones create a stress-free oral care and teeth cleaning experience.

It is ideal to start with something easier that doesn’t cause your cat to go wild. Yes, a toothbrush does an excellent job of cleaning teeth. But, restraining & making a cat willingly allow you to do her brushing is a cumbersome experience.

Let’s go through some of the commonly available oral care products for cats in Pakistan. They offer a variety of different purposes and help your cat to stay in good behavior. You can easily find these oral care products in the nearest pet store.

1. ROLLON Oral Care Pro

ROLLON Oral Care Pro

With age, the cat’s teeth are prone to plaque development because of eating a variety of foods. These plaque deposits result in periodontal diseases that are not easy to cure. ROLLON Oral Care Pro provides the best plaque-stopping effect for cats.

The formula is developed by Cature with advanced cranberry extracts. The powder contains evenly shattered molecules that create an abrasive effect. You can offer ROLLON Oral Care Pro by mixing it in the regular feed or alone.

The most prominent benefit of this product is the reachability of the small granules in the oral cavity. As the cat chews on the powder, the molecules start to rasp in the gingival sulcus and clean it.

At the same time, ROLLON Oral Care Pro protects the gum lining and doesn’t cause any side effects. The powder contains zeolite powder and yucca extracts that prevent bacterial growth and bad odor.

2. Oral Health Supplement for Cats

Oral Health Supplement for Cats

The product comes in a pill bottle and contains 450 pills for the cat’s dental care. The oral health supplement contains active anti-inflammatory ingredients. If your cat has bad breath or is suffering from oral cavity infections, I recommend you get this supplement.

Oral health supplement for cats is an herbal product. You can use it in case of pain in feline stomatitis. In Pakistan, many veterinarians prescribe oral health supplements because of their soothing effects on gums.

This supplement can do wonders in reducing the tartar and plaque from the cat’s teeth. The pills have a palatable taste and you can use them according to the instructions. It is generally recommended to add 3 to 4 tablets to the diet of cats per day.

3. Bioline Dental Hygiene for Cats

Bioline Dental Hygiene for Cats

In the race of creating excellent pet products, Bioline has gained much popularity. The dental hygiene by Bioline is a must oral care product for cats. The set contains two toothbrushes for kittens and adult cats in addition to cat-friendly toothpaste.

The toothbrushes have soft bristles that don’t cause any harmful effects or injuries to the gums. Besides, toothpaste is formulated using herbal ingredients. The product is excellent in removing the plaque and tartar from the teeth surfaces of cats.

Dental hygiene set by Bioline is an outstanding product for reducing several dental diseases. You can expect effective tartar and bad odor control. Regularly using Bioline dental hygiene paste in cats significantly reduces the chances of periodontal diseases.

4. Vet-Line Over Herbal Spray

Vet-Line Over Herbal Spray

Vet-Line Over Herbal Spray is an astonishing spray to eliminate the daily plaque from a cat’s teeth. The spray is completely herbal and contains chlorhexidine, citric acid, and Salvia officinalis.

Cats especially love the mint flavor of Vet-Line Over Herbal Spray. The application is easy and all you need to do is to spray it over the teeth of cats after feeding. The spray will not allow the food particles and debris to stuck in deep crevices of teeth and gums.

Vet-Line Over Herbal Spray immediately reduce halitosis with its Japanese peppermint oil. The usage of this spray is not limited to cats but can be used on dogs and rabbits. If you want hassle-free teeth cleaning for your kitties, Vet-Line Over Herbal Spray is for you.

All of the above-mentioned products have great ease of use. These oral care products for cats don’t cause any stress to cats and are complete teeth care solutions. Another perk is these are quite affordable in Pakistan. So, go get them from your nearest pet store for your furry angels.

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