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Cats are the most loveable pets you can have at home. Our little fur buddies need some extra care during traveling, walking, and hiking trips. Cat bags are designed in a cat-friendly way to keep your cat comfy during your next outdoor trip.

It is quite cumbersome to keep the cat in your hand or lap when you go outside. This is because of their flexible moments and struggles to get away. Cat bags help a lot in keeping them contained while you do your chores.

Whether you want to take your cat on a long trip or outdoors, there is always a better carrying option. There are several types of cat bags available in Pakistan. Besides, they are very affordable and you can get one from your nearest pet store in 3000 to 5000 rupees.

With that being said, below is the list of commonly available cat bags all around Pakistan. There is a functional and structural variation between them according to your convenience. However, their durability and comfort are top-notch.

1. Transparent Cat Bag Backpack

Transparent Cat Bag Backpack

The most versatile cat bag is a transparent cat backpack with a space capsule design. This cat bag is lightweight and has outstanding durability. The style is easy to carry and you can wear it on your back without any hustle.

The backside offers a transparent window from where you can see what your cat is doing. Your cat will be able to interact with the outside environment without panicking. The build quality of this cat bag is enhanced by the use of canvas and high-density acrylic material at the back.

The portable transparent cat bag has a breathable cover with many ventilation holes. In short, this bag can support long transportation without causing pet anxiety. As a result, the internal atmosphere will stay ventilated and cool for your cat.

This cat bag can be opened by unzipping the whole transparent exterior. At the same time, there are separate small zippers on either side of the bag. The overall weight of this cat bag is around 2.7 pounds and it can lift a cat of the weight of around 13 pounds.

2. Collapsible Cat Carrier Handbag

Collapsible Cat Carrier Handbag

The foldable and collapsible cat handbag has additional storage convenience. This cat bag has a handbag-style design that is airline approved for carrying your cats. The bag has a strong shoulder strap which you can easily carry on your shoulders.

Just like a transparent cat bag backpack, this cat bag also has a transparent plastic frame for easy visual. There are multiple vents all around the main frame of the bag for keeping the inside ventilated. It will also help to circulate the air inside for creating an ideal resting environment.

With a strong frame and tough build quality, the cat carrier handbag can support up to 10 kg weight. The bag has one zipper to open up the whole frame and an additional one for a small opening. The small pocket is supported by a mesh cloth for airflow and outdoor cat interactions.

3. Shoulder Protected Cat Bag

Shoulder Protected Cat Bag

Sometimes you just need to take your cats on a short walk outside or restrain them. Shoulder protected cat bag has a soft fleece-like material on the inside to deliver the utmost comfort. The bag doesn’t have any extra openings for your cat to escape during routes.

There is a single opening that can be adjusted around the neck of the cat. Your furry friend can poke her head out and enjoy the scenery all around. This bag is escape-proof and your cat cannot jump out of it because of the built structure.

Shoulder protected cat bag can be worn around your shoulder much like a normal carrier bag. The straps are strong enough to keep the bag in place. This bag is recommended during the winter seasons as it doesn’t have extra ventilation holes but has warm fabric material.

Final Words

There is a much greater variation regarding the cat bags available in the market. You can get countless types of cat carriers and bags. Apart from the conventional plastic cat carriers, cat bags are easier to take with you by their convenient design.

You can easily get these cat bags in a range of 3000 to 5000 rupees. Backpack-styled cat bags offer more comfort and you can easily wear them on your back or front. The material is easy to wash and your cat will remain calm and comfortable inside these cat bags.

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