Creamy Treats for Cats in Pakistan

Last Updated on January 31, 2023 by Dr. Ali Shahid

Creamy treats for cats are an excellent addition to cats’ regular dry foods. These tasty delights are regularly used by cat owners as complementary foods. Experts suggest offering creamy treats to induce good behaviors and cat training.

If you have a finicky cat at home, creamy treats can do wonders in improving its mood. Veterinarians across Pakistan recommend creamy treats as alternative food in case of stomach upset.

If you have heard of creamy treats from other owners, it is time to get them for your cats. Today, we’ll review some of the commonly available creamy treats available in Pakistan. Besides, numerous benefits need to be addressed before your eyes.

1. Wanpy Creamy Treat

Wanpy Creamy Treat

You may have come across Wanpy creamy treats in almost every pet store. This creamy treat is developed by Hao’s Holdings USA and distributed all around the world. Wanpy is well-liked by every cat breed at every stage of life.

Wanpy creamy treat is available in 4 different flavors. These are chicken, Tuna & Codfish, Tuna & Shrimp, & Tuna & Salmon. In my opinion, Wanpy is now able to grab cat owners’ attention and is the most used creamy treat nowadays.

The biggest benefit of this creamy treat is the negligible side effects on the health of cats. There are no preservatives or additional flavors in this amazing creamy treat. Wanpy is available in a pack of 5 sticks as lick-able treats.

You can use Wanpy creamy treat as a complimentary food alone or on the dry cat food. Veterinarians recommend this creamy treat as it has healthy absorption and a great taste. Each stick contains around 6.5% crude protein, 0.1% crude fat, and additional beneficial vitamins.

2. Petideal Creamy Treats

Petideal Creamy treat

In the world of premium quality creamy treats, Petideal has gained a good reputation. Petideal creamy treats offer both deliciousness and nutrition at the same time. Just like Wanpy, Petideal also comes in stick form in a pack of 4 sticks.

You can choose between chicken, tuna, salmon, and mix flavors in case of Petideal creamy treats. I’ve used this creamy treat for my cats and oh man! They love to lick the flavor out of it. Petideal contains appreciable amounts of proteins, fats, and fiber to support the healthy gut of a cat.

At the same time, this creamy treat has an excellent digestibility index. There are no known side effects of giving creamy treats such as vomiting and stomach upset. If your cat is choosy and unable to like dry food, Petideal can be your best bet.

3. Me-O Creamy Treats

M-EO creamy treat

Just like Me-O dry cat food, Me-O creamy treat has grabbed everyone’s attention. There are versatile flavor options in this creamy treat such as chicken & liver, Crab, and Salmon. The company only includes ingredients that are from natural animal sources.

Me-O creamy treat has a good percentage of fiber for the healthy digestive system of cats. At the same time, the Taurine improves the eyesight and cognitive functions of your kitty. These nutrients are of utmost importance, especially in the early life stages of cats.

Your lovable furry friends also achieve a better and shinier hair coat. This is made possible by the omega-6 and Zinc in Me-O cat food. If you’re unable to find the above-mentioned creamy treats, Me-O is a preferable choice.

Final Words

Creamy treats for cats are a delicious way of changing your cat’s mood. In Pakistan, Wanpy, Petideal, and Me-O are commonly used as creamy treats for cats. You can use them as complementary foods as these treats increase the palatability of the food.

One thing I must mention is that these creamy treats are not a complete food. Creamy treats must only be used as additional complimentary foods. With that being said, your cats will love to lick on the delicious creamy treats and stay in a playful mood.

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