Russian cat in Pakistan

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Russian blues are known as some of the most intelligent, loyal, and intelligent cats in the world. They are also known as Blue Russians and are one of the rarest and most beautiful members of the feline family. Those of you from Pakistan who are Russian cat lovers will adore this article.

Get to know this playful, cute breed’s appearance, behavior, health, and grooming. Here we will discuss Russian cats in Pakistan as well as the Russian cat for sale price in Pakistan.

History of Russian Cat

Like many cat breeds, the Russian Blue has an unknown origin. Their thick coats suggest they originate from Russia. Also, they are considered natural breeds, which means that nature created them rather than humans.

This breed began to develop in Britain and Scandinavia during the latter half of the 19th century as show cats became increasingly popular.

During the first cat shows held in England in the 1880s, Russian blues were among the competitors. The Cat Fanciers’ Association and The International Cat Association has recognized the Russian blue in the United States.


They are known for their tall, slim bodies and pointed, large heads with large, pointed ears. The breed’s broad, straight nose and broad forehead add to its slim, elegant appearance.

Although the breed looks slim, it has a muscular, strong body. They have a short double coat that is silky and neat. Its distinctive bluish-gray coat with silver tips is the most well-known characteristic of the breed.

There may be minor spots across some kittens’ bodies that fade with time. Its thick coat can make cats seem bigger than they truly are due to its thickness.

A Russian kitten’s eye color is yellow with a green rim, which becomes bright green when the cat reaches adulthood. One of the characteristics that makes this breed unique is the color of its eyes.

Weight:  3-5 Kg 

Height:  9–11 Inches

Price:   The Russian cats for sale price in Pakistan is 4000-25000Rs. The Russian white cat for sale price in Pakistan is 3500-2000Rs.

Life Span: The average life span of Russian cat is 15-20 years.


There is nothing more loyal or sweet than a Russian cat. When it finds out who its owners are, it follows them to the door, greets them at the door, and follows them around the house.

While they can initially be hesitant and cautious, once they get to know you, they become extremely affectionate. Russian cats become playful, loving pets in their new homes when they feel confident and at ease.

While they are affectionate, they are calm and not at all clingy. Unlike some cats, these cats are friendly to kids and animals, including other dogs and cats.

However, they may be uncomfortable around strangers, despite enjoying being with their people.

It is possible for Russian cats to be very vocal, but they usually talk quietly and meow when they need to be fed, watered, or brushed. Russian cats are intelligent, energetic, and independent.


Genetic factors can play a role in the development of health problems in pedigreed cats and mixed-breed cats alike. However, Russian cats have a generally good health profile.

Russian cats tend to have a robust appetite, which can convert them from slim to stout within a matter of days. In Pakistan people usually overfeed their cats. To ensure the health of your Russian cat, you should control feeding habit of your cat.

Grooming and Care

Care A Russian Blue’s coat should be combed twice a week to distribute natural oils and remove dead hair. Make sure that the teeth are brushed daily to prevent tooth decay.

It is preferable to brush your teeth daily but brushing them weekly is also fine. Keep your nails trimmed every two to three weeks. During shedding season, a bath will assist in removing excess hair.

Maintain a spotless litter box for the Russian Blue. He takes extreme pride in maintaining a clean bathroom.


All in all, we conclude that Russian cats living in Pakistan can enjoy a healthy lifestyle with minimal maintenance. If you are planning to buy a Russian cat in Pakistan, then you should read this article to know some important facts about Russian cats.

This will allow you to determine whether this cat is right for you. Veterinary advice: Keep the feeding habits of Russian cats under control. Their love of food can lead to obesity and health problems.

Additionally, they are very particular about the cleanliness of their bathrooms. Be sure to keep the bathroom and litter tray clean.

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