Ragdoll Cat in Pakistan

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 The ragdoll cat is a famous cat breed. It is famous for its coat color and beautiful eyes. Ragdoll has a large and muscular body.

Due to its size and coat, it becomes popular in Pakistan. Breeders in Pakistan keep on breeding different colors of Ragdoll cats.

Ragdoll Cat in Pakistan

It has a very beautiful semi-long and soft fur. The name of cat ragdoll is derived from the individual from the original breeding stock to go limp and relaxed when pick up.

General Information:

Ragdoll cat has many positive aspects. Ragdoll cats are intelligent and learn quickly. They are also famous for learning tricks quickly.  

The ragdoll is the best pet all around the world. They are loving to their human families. They love to play with children.

Ragdoll cat is friendly towards other pets in the house. They love to spend time in your lap. Ragdoll will greet the human of the house at the door.

Ragdoll cat is easy to take as a pet. There is no better choice than a Ragdoll pet.

What is the cost of Ragdoll cats in Pakistan?

Ragdoll cats are adorable and popular cats among the people of Pakistan. They are famous for their long coat and stunning blue eyes.

The cost of ragdoll cats varies according to the quality of breed and color. The cost also depends on your locality.

They are available in chocolate, red, seal blue, Lilac and cream, white and grey.

The price varies between 10 thousand to 1 lac.

Size of Ragdoll Cat:

Ragdoll is bigger than other breeds of cats. They are considered the largest domesticated cat breed.

A grown-up female weighs from 8 to 15 pounds or 3.6 to 6.8 kg. Male weighs more than female. The male weighs ranging from 12 to 20 pounds.

The ragdoll reaches maturity at the age of four years. The size of the Ragdoll makes them super cuddly. They look like cute teddybear.

You need the energy to hold it with both hands. It is assumed that the bigger animals are stronger than smaller animals and they protect themselves.

This assumption is wrong with the Ragdoll cat. They are very trusting animals and can be attacked by other animals easily.

Never let them outside or leave them alone with children and other animals. They may attack unknown persons.

As the size of the Ragdoll is larger than the normal cat breed, so the cage that is fit for other cats is not good for Ragdoll.

Additionally, before adopting a Ragdoll cat you need to arrange a spacious cage for your pet. The size of Ragdoll cats is larger than your average cat.

Personality Features:

Unlike other cats, they love to collapse with your arms and cradle. They miss the absence of their human family.

They welcome them at the door, follow them in the house, and love to spend time on laps. They learn their name quickly and respond well.

They are also considered show cats. They are not lazy cats. They love to play with toys and participate in family activities. They respond positively to human activities.

They remind you in a sweet voice when they are hungry. But they are not vocal at any time.

Ragdolls have well-mannered and easy to live with. They do not like to live in higher places. Ragdoll prefers to stay on the same level with their family members.  

Health and Care:

The Ragdoll cat needs special attention and health care. If you want the best health for your cat, you need to take care of food and cleanliness.

All the cat breeds have a variety of health issues that may be genetic. Here are some of the problems that affect the health of Ragdoll cats.

  • Heart disease is inherited in Ragdolls. A DNA-based test is available to identify the cats that carry the mutations that cause heart disease.
  • A bladder stone is also another risk for the Ragdoll cats.
  • Dental disease is one of the most common problems in pets. This disease occurs due to unclean teeth.
  • Dental disease starts with food residue, which develops into an infection of gums and tooth roots.
  • You can avoid your cat from dental disease by removing food residues. Brush your ragdoll regularly.
  •  Like other cats, Ragdolls can catch certain bacterial and viral infections. These bacterial and viral infections can be prevented through vaccination.
  • If your cat is vaccinated with the core vaccine then they remain healthy.

Interesting facts of Ragdoll.

The ragdoll cats will let you cuddle her. Just like dolls, you can play with them. Their soft coat relaxes you. Sometimes they are called sleeping pills.

It is a good behavioral cat with children and other pets.

Ragdoll cats are mild-mannered and easy to train. They have a long coat that needs regular grooming.

Ragdolls gain weight easily if not exercised regularly.

It is an excellent companion for the whole family.

It is difficult to avoid Ragdoll. It is full of personality and compels you to love her.  


   Are Ragdoll cats’ indoor cats?

In my opinion, all cats are almost indoor cats but Ragdoll is even more. Their long fur gets full of leaves, dirt, and grass fast.

Ragdoll is too beautiful and innocent. If you let her unattended outside, the other animals may harm them.

You can take them outside under your supervision. As exercise is also necessary for your pet.

Are Ragdoll cats easy to take care of?

 As compared to other pets, yes Ragdolls are easy to take care of. I have a Ragdoll female cat as a pet. She is so loving and calm. She is attached to me and I love her.

Normally they are attached to a person and be like a shadow.

Generally, they are easy to look after and not a massive amount of grooming is required. You just need to comb her coat daily. Keep your mats clean from her coat.

You have to give her a proper diet. Ragdolls gain weight easily. Avoid giving too much food.


Ragdoll Cats are the best pet for families. They have been proven a best friend for children. They are easy to handle. Try to keep them inside if you have a cat with a beautiful cat.

One thing that you should keep in mind while adopting a cat is, that if you want a cat that should go outside then this breed is not suitable. If you choose Ragdoll then a strict indoor environment is best for her.

If you are looking for a companion, you can’t find a much better choice than the Ragdoll cat. In the presence of Ragdoll you will never feel lonely.

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