Cat Toys in Pakistan ( Ultimate Guide)

Last Updated on February 9, 2023 by Dr. Ali Shahid

The fitness and health of cats very much depend on their exercise and physical activity. Cat toys help to sustain the curiosity and physical health of cats. You can find a variety of cat toys in Pakistan which you can get from your nearest pet store.

Toys not only help to keep the cats engaged in an activity but are also good for mental exercise. Your furry friends can stay away from boredom when you provide them with something to play with. You don’t want your favorite couch to get torn by a bored cat, do you?

I am here to help you regarding the importance of toys in a cat’s life. Besides, I am also going to address the common toys that you can get in Pakistan. So, let’s dive into bringing something cool and engaging for your pet cats.

Not All Toys Are for Every Cat

The temperament and behavior of cats vary considerably. There is no fixed rule that your cats love every toy you buy for them. Toys help the cats to express their instincts such as chasing, scratching, and pouncing.

However, your cat may prefer any one of the specific playful behaviors. I don’t recommend you invest in a large number of toys for your cats. This is because it may disappoint you when your cat won’t show any interest in those.

Types of Cat Toys in Pakistan

1. Cat Tumbler Ball Toys

Cat Tumbler Ball Toys

There is a versatile amount of balls available for your cat to chase and bat. Balls are indulging and increasing physical activity. The cat tumbler ball toy has a central adjusted weight with a toy mouse on top.

You’ll be delighted to see your cat playing and punching a cat tumbler ball toy to topple it over. There is a great variation in tumbler balls ranging in size to toys attached on top. If you have a kitten or adult cat, you must purchase this toy.

2. Mouse Cage Jingle Ball

Mouse Cage Jingle Ball

Mouse cage jingle ball is another type of ball toy that cats love to spend time with. Jingle ball is made of coated metal with a mouse inside. These furry creatures have natural hunting instincts especially related to rats.

The mouse cage jingle ball can keep your cat playing with it for hours. Kittens, in their growing age, are very likely to get impressed. This toy is easily available in your nearest pet store and comes at an affordable price.

3. Cat Playing Feather Stick

Cat Playing Feather Stick

Remember how kitties leap and try to catch the small birds flying over them? Feather teasing sticks are one of the best cat toys available in Pakistan. These stick toys help a lot in encouraging cats to jump and try to catch the feathers.

One thing to make sure that these stick toys come with a string and small feathers. Kittens are often prone to accidental ingestion of such small pieces. I advise you to store the stick toys in a safe place when the playtime with your cat is over.

4. Whirlwind Cat Treat Dispenser

How about keeping your furry friend playing and getting tasty treats at the same time? Cat treat dispenser toys are new in Pakistan with multiple benefits. The toy contains a hollow spinning wheel with multiple holes on the sides.

There is a vacuumed cup at the base which can be used to attach it to the floor or on the wall. Your kitty can punch the rotating wheel and the food treat will come out. In short, the cat treat dispenser toy is a must-try for every indoor cat.

 5. Feather Mouse Tumbler Spring Disk

Feather Mouse Tumbler Spring Disk

You can find this toy in almost every pet store in Pakistan. The toy includes a strong base with a spring standing in the middle. There is an interactive rat toy on top for your cat to punch and play with it.

So, what do you say? The above-mentioned toys are something you must add to your kitty’s life. Initially, introduce small ball toys for kittens to see if they indulge in them or not. Besides, these toys help adult cats can stay away from boredom and have an active lifestyle.

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