Tick & Flea Spray for Cats in Pakistan

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Ticks and fleas create a big nuisance in your cat’s life. They may even endanger the health of cats by feeding on blood and spreading infections. Luckily, ticks & flea spray for cats are available to help your cats in getting rid of these ectoparasites.

If your cat is scratching and licking her more than often, ticks and fleas are to blame. The biting of these parasites causes itching on sensitive skin. Your furry friend may induce self-infliction in trying to get rid of ticks and fleas by biting herself.

These blood-sucking parasites cause several systemic infections other than just scratching. The most obvious ones are anemia, blood loss, and the transfer of blood-borne parasites. Allergic dermatitis is another severe disease that occurs in cats suffering from ticks and fleas.

Tick and flea sprays for cats help in the complete elimination of ectoparasites. It is recommended to spray your cat once every three to four months. To fulfill this purpose, there are a variety of tick and flea sprays available in Pakistan.

Frontline Spray for Cats

To protect the cats from ticks and fleas, the Frontline spray is an excellent choice. The spray has an active ingredient known as Fipronil in it. The efficiency of Fipronil in killing ectoparasites brings remarkable results.

Frontline spray for cats is considered the most suited choice according to veterinarians. The product comes in a variety of bottle sizes depending on the need. Nevertheless, spraying your cat with this spray doesn’t yield any adverse effects.

Frontline spray is effective in kittens and senior cats from an early age. You can give your kitten the tick and flea treatment with this spray from 2 days of age. After a routine spray every 12 weeks, the spray will be able to control fleas, ticks, and allergic dermatitis.

Bioline Flea & Tick Spray

Flea & tick spray by Bioline is an excellent addition to the pet products line. Bioline spray possesses natural insect and pest-repellent extracts to carry out the job of killing parasites. Besides, you can use the spray on cats with sensitive skin types.

The antipruritic effect of Bioline tick & flea spray is beneficial for cats. Your kitties will no longer self-mutilate themselves with scratching and biting. The chrysanthemum extract is the main ingredient of this product for killing and repelling ectoparasites.

Bioline flea & tick spray comes in a 175 ml bottle within a price range of 1500 Rs. The basic application method is simple and the spray can evenly distribute itself on the pet’s skin. The formulation is completely natural and doesn’t have any harmful chemicals in it.

Remu Frontliner Tick & Flea Spray

Remu Frontliner spray is by far the most used tick and flea treatment in Pakistan. You can easily get it from any nearest store. The active ectoparasite-killing ingredient in Remu Frontliner is 0.25% Fipronil.

Not only does this spray immediately get rid of ticks and fleas but has a long-lasting residual effect. In the case of cats at risk of tick paralysis, you can apply it after every 3 weeks. As for as allergic dermatitis is concerned, using it every month yields fruitful results.

Fleas are hard to kill because of the various life stages. It is recommended to use Remu Frontliner according to your veterinarian’s instructions. In that essence, Remu Frontliner is your best bet to eliminate all the parasitic life stages including nymph and larvae.


Ticks and Fleas are the notable causes of many blood-borne diseases such as anaplasmosis in cats. You must stick to the proper flea & tick treatment schedule for complete protection. The tick and flea spray for cats is an outstanding choice in this regard.

It is noteworthy that most of the tick and flea sprays for cats contain Fipronil in them. Fipronil is toxic when ingested and your cats may suffer from toxicosis when they lick their coat. Always use Elizabethan Collar for 3 to 4 hours after applying tick and flea sprays.

With that being said, ticks and fleas won’t disturb your kitties anymore. The above-mentioned ticks and flea sprays have a good mechanism of action against ectoparasites. This is especially important in the case of indoor cats where the chances of flea infestations are high inside home.

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