Ragamuffin Cat in Pakistan

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 Trying to find an easy-going lap cat who can adapt to different environments? A ragamuffin would be the right breed for you! Their docile nature makes them an ideal pet for families with children. Whenever you hold them, they will completely relax, and love being held. In this article, we will discuss the Ragamuffin cat in Pakistan and its sale price.

This article is perfect for ragamuffin cat fans. Those who are interested in owning ragamuffin cats should know their appearance, behavior, health, and grooming. 

History of Ragamuffin Cat

There is a connection between Ragamuffins and Ragdolls. While some breeders believed the breed’s gene pool needed to be widened, others wanted to add new colors and patterns.

Due to strict breeding control by the founder of that breed, a group of people formed to create their own breed.

To increase Ragamuffin size and to distinguish it from the Ragdoll, they crossed them with Persians, Himalayans, and domestic longhaired cats.

It was only in February 2011 that the Cat Fanciers Association fully recognized the Ragamuffin.


 Ragamuffins are large and long-bodied cats. She has a plush coat and a long tail. Its head is medium in size, but its fur gives it the appearance of having a large face.

To continue the triangular look of the face, the ears are set on either side of the head in medium size. Legs are long, muscular, and powerful. The eyes are oval and blue in color.

There are many colors and patterns to choose from with the Ragamuffin. The color pattern of these cats is like that of a ragdoll. Ragamuffins with color point patterns have a light body color with darker coloration on their extremities, masks, and ears.

Ragamuffins come in various colors and patterns in addition to classic ragdoll color schemes. There are a variety of coat lengths available for Ragamuffins. The fur is plush, silky, and soft.

Weight: 4.5-9 Kg 

Height: 10–15 Inches

Price: The ragamuffin cats for sale price in Pakistan is 2500-25000Rs.

Life Span: The average life span of a ragamuffin cat is 18 years.


Ragamuffins are simply the easiest cats you are ever going to encounter. They make the perfect family pet and appear as a cute teddy bear in the cat world.

They enjoy sitting in your lap, napping nearby on the couch, and just being around their humans. Ragamuffin cats are growing in popularity in Pakistan due to these qualities.

Their behavior is friendly toward other cats, especially other cats of this breed. However, their best attribute is their attitude toward children. They are so easygoing that it is okay to pick them up and carry them around.

The cats are generally calm, but they can be quite playful and energetic when they chase a ball or laser pointer around.


A Ragamuffin’s general health is excellent but ask the breeder if her puppies have experienced any problems. As veterinarians, we are not aware of genetically lethal diseases affecting this breed of cat. The cats can live healthy lives if they are properly managed and vaccinated. However, it is also wise not to overfeed them.

 Grooming and Care of Ragamuffins Cats

Ragamuffins have a long, soft coat that does not tangle. You only need to brush or comb its hair once a week to keep it looking beautiful. Brushing the teeth helps reduce the risk of dental problems.

Although daily dental care is best, brushing your teeth at least once a week is much better than doing nothing at all. Trim its nails from time to time. Wipe the corners of your eyes with a soft, damp cloth.

Make sure that you use a different area of the cloth for each eye, so you do not spread any infections. A weekly check of the ears is recommended. Clean them with a cotton ball that has been soaked in warm water or a soft damp cloth.


We can conclude that ragamuffin cats are suitable for the Pakistani environment. There are no genetic disorders associated with them. In addition, they are well adapted to living alongside youngsters and dogs.

They require very little maintenance. She possesses all the characteristics that make her capable of surviving in Pakistani environments and conditions. Thus, you can purchase the ragamuffin cat without any hesitation. Thanks for reading.

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