Savannah Cat in Pakistan

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If you are attracted to cats because of their wild nature, you should consider the Savannah. Savannah cats are docile and athletic, and close bond with their owners, but are reserved with strangers. It’s hard to imagine most cats enjoying the water as much as she does.

She was even taught to walk on a leash and play fetch. In this article, we will talk about Savannah cat for sale price in Pakistan and Savannah cat in Pakistan.

History of Savannah Cat

An African Serval and a domestic cat cross create Savannah Cats. Savannah Cats are a cross between a domestic cat and an African Serval. In 1986, Savannah, the first kitten in the Savannah line, was born.

The line’s first-generation possessed many characteristics shared by domestic cats and African Servals.

This breed has a large size like Servals and is tamed like domestic cats. Savannah Cats became an official breed of the International Cat Association (TICA) in 2012.

Physical Appearance

This is elegance at its best! Savannah cats are beautiful animals. It has spotted coats and tall, lean bodies that resemble those of cheetahs. 

In the Guinness Book of World Records, Savannah cats are the tallest domestic cats in the world at 17 inches tall.

Female Savannahs weigh as little as 12 pounds, while male Savannahs weigh up to 25 pounds. The weight and height of a cat entirely depend on how many generations she has passed from the wild serval she descends from.

Savannahs have four recognized coat colors: 

  • Smokey black,
  • Black
  • Silver spotted tabby
  • Brown spotted tabby.

All that’s necessary to maintain their short, dense coat is a quick brush every week or so. They can live happily in the hot climate in Pakistan with the help of this coat.

Savannah cats are known for their beautiful, expressive eyes. They have oval-shaped, hooded eyes that are outlined by dark tear ducts, giving them an engaging, yet captivating gaze.

Sometimes, the eyes have the same color as the coat, but not always.

Weight: 7-11 Kg 

Height: 14–17 Inches

Price: The Savannahs cats for sale price in Pakistan ranges between 3000-30000Rs.

Life Span: The average life span of a Savannah cat is 20 years.


Known for its intelligence and energy, the Savannah cat is one of the most popular cat breeds in Pakistan today. Their behavior is similar to that of a dog. When they are young, they are easy to leash train and can be named.

Savannahs love to swim. A special feature of this breed is its ability to find hidden toys and open cabinets. Their temperament does not differ based on their gender.

Besides walking on a leash and retrieving toys, the Savannahs also make efforts to be with their family. If he is not giving headbutts to show his affection, he might be playing in the water.

This is a playful and entertaining cat who enjoys interacting with people and playing with them. When raised with kids and dogs, he gets along well with them.  


Breeders of the Savannah breed have said that their cats are generally healthy and do not suffer from any genetic disorders. However, they are susceptible to heart problems like hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (thickened heart muscle). But as Veterinarians, we suggest everyone get their cat vaccinated. This would be very helpful for the health and prolonged life of your cat.


In Savannahs, the coat is short, luxurious, and soft. Maintaining a healthy coat requires weekly brushing. Your cat will appreciate the attention, and you’ll notice that there are fewer dust bunnies and hairballs in his house if you brush him more often. Everything else is basic. Cut the nails when necessary.

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