Shamo Breeds in Pakistan

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Shamo chickens are famous as gaming birds. These types of chickens are specially bred for cock fighting games.

In Pakistan, Shamo is considered the best fighting chicken. The original Shamo breed was crossbred with other chickens with the best qualities.  In addition to that, it is also used as a fancy Chicken.

With the passage of time breeders continued to make Shamo stronger and stronger.

This chicken breed has been selectively bred to its best qualities for over a hundred years. The Shamo breed we know today is quite different from its ancestors.

Shamo Breeds

The Shamo breed we see today is much stronger than the original. The breeding of Shamo with special features are experiencing over the years.

In addition to being bred for cockfighting, the Shamo is also bred for its unique features.

There are four main breeds of the Shamo that are most famous.

  1. O Shamo.
  2. Chu Shamo
  3. Nankin Shamo
  4. Ko Shamo

The term Shamo means “large fowl” or japan game bird”. 

The O Shamo and Chu Shamo are part of the same breed. 

The breed of Shamo chicken there is a range of different weights. The weight of Shamo chicken is more than seven pounds.

Now we further describe each breed

  • O Shamo means large-size chicken.
  • Chu Shamo means medium-sized chicken.
  • Ko Shamo refers to the miniature game.
  • Nankin is a game bird that is from Nankin.

The appearance of Shamo:

Shamo chicken is classified second tallest chicken after Malay chicken. The Shamo is an attractive bird with great stature.

It is liked by its vertical standing posture. It looks like a handsome man standing in awesome style.

The body of the Shamo chicken is muscular, especially the thighs.

The Shamo has a bright red gill they are very small or missing in some breeds. The color of the beak and legs is yellow. The color of the eyes is different in different breeds.

They have closely held feathers. But their feathers may not cover their entire body. The male Shamo chicken’s minimum weight is 6 pounds. The female Shamo chicken’s minimum weight is four pounds.

Whereas the weight of male Chu Shamo is above 6 pounds and under eight pounds. The weight of female Chu Shamo is four pounds and under six pounds.

O Shamo male is usually above 8 pounds and female is normally above six pounds.

The appearance of the Tail:

 The tail of the Shamo is not long. It has a medium-sized tail that is directed towards the ground. Shamo has bright red earlobes.

They have a variety of colors in their tail that makes them unique. They have different colors black, black-breasted with a dark red tail, or dark red with a black tail.

Their feathers and the tail are long with many shades. Black and red is the most common color in Shamo chicken.

The appearance of wings:

The Shamo wings are heavy, strong, and short. Their wings are closed to the body and bony.

Most of the time they as someone standing in position tied hands at the back. Their wings are set firmly at the back.

They used their wings wisely while attacking other chickens. 

The appearance of Head.

The head of the Shamo breed is broad, deep, and has a crown on the head. The beak of the Shamo is sharp and strong. It is curved and bent downwards.

The eyes of Shamo become more attractive due to hanging eyebrows. The comb in Shamo breeds is quite small or absent. They look attractive when they stand straight.

Nature of Shamo Chicken.

The male Shamo chicken is an aggressive bird. They are always ready to fight. The female Shamo is a cool-tempered bird.

The real purpose to raise this breed is cockfighting. Their aggressive nature is in their gene. They are aggressive to other chickens but not to their hens.

The only way to keep Shamo away from fighting is to put them in separate places.

Shamo-Egg laying.

 Shamo hens lay almost 90 eggs in a year. They lay more eggs as compared to other kinds of birds of their kind,

The number of eggs varies in different breeds of Shamo.

The size of the eggs is medium. The large size of the Shamo hen poses a problem in hatching and can break eggs. 

Shamo chicken was also famous for the good amount of meat although the flavor of the chicken is not good.

Key Features of Shamo breed.

  1. Shamo chicken is not a common breed. This breed is not easily available.
  2. Always keep male Shamo in separate spaces to avoid fighting.
  3. The Shamo breed love to move freely. When you adopt a pet arrange enough space for them.
  4. The same breed does not like to live with other birds. So keep them separate.
  5. The ideal space for Shamo chicken is 50cm×50cm per bird.
  6. Shamo birds cannot fly so it is not compulsory to cover the shade.
  7. Shamo birds have short feathers so no need for grooming.
  8. To avoid lice, mites and other dangerous parasites they need a dust bath regularly.


QNO.1: What is the most giant Shamo breed?

Answer: The Malay chicken has the record as the tallest chicken and the second biggest is the Shamo breed. The Shamo breed produces a good quantity of meat. But the meat is not liked to eat.

QNO.2: How many eggs do Shamo hens lay?

Answer: The Shamo hens lay about 90 light brown eggs around the year. This is a high number as compared to other birds of the same species.

But low in number when compared to other egg-laying hens. The quantity and quality of the egg depend on the different Shamo breeds.

QNO.3: How big is Shamo?

Answer:  The Shamo is a large tall chicken, normally 30 inches tall. The size is taken as a vertical position.

They have muscled thighs and wide muscled bodies. Their feathers are hard and close to the skin, normally feathers do not cover the whole skin. They have no feathers on their face and throat.  

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