Cow Qurbani 2023 ( Vet’s Opinion)

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Qurbani is one of the religious rituals performed all over the world in the last Islamic month. Muslim sacrifice their animals in the name of Allah.

The Qurbani of cow is one of the most crucial choices. One needs to be very vigilant while selecting the animal, and also later on, during the whole process.

Do you have questions related to it in your mind? I have an expert opinion for you. Let’s see what they suggest for the Qurbani of a cow.

What is a Qurbani of Cow?

Qurbani is a religious practice among Muslims worldwide. It is performed between the 10th and 12th days of Dhul Hijjah, the final month of the Islamic calendar.

Moreover, an animal is sacrificed as a form of worship during Eid al-Adha, one of the two main Islamic festivals.

As you know, the cow is one of the most preferred animals for Qurbani due to its large size, availability, and the number of shares it provides.

Religiously quoting, a cow for Qurbani is divided into seven shares. You should select a healthy animal, Firstly, prepare it by cleaning and feeding it.

Secondly, face it towards the Qibla, and recite the name of Allah.

Thirdly, make a swift and deep cut to the throat of the animal with a sharp knife. Then, leave it to bleed out.

Generally, it is essential to research the regulations and requirements in your area and purchase your Qurbani animal early. It is suggested to consult with experts, consider the size, and choose a reputable source or seller for your cow.

However, the cost of a cow for Qurbani varies depending on various factors. For instance, the country, region, and time of purchase.

How many Qurbani Shares are Allowed for a Cow?

Islam allows a cow to be divided into seven shares. Each share is equivalent to one Qurbani.

The Islamic principle is that one share is sufficient for one person. However, it is also permissible to purchase multiple shares in other animals such as sheep, goats, or camels.

When purchasing a cow for Qurbani, it is important to decide how many shares you need and allocate them accordingly.

This ensures that each share is used for its intended purpose and that the Qurbani is performed following Islamic guidelines and principles.

Generally, people divide their shares into the following categories

      Share for the person performing Qurbani

      Share for the poor and needy

      Share for relatives and friends

      Share for personal consumption

      Share for the local mosque or Islamic center

      Share for the Islamic seminary or school

      Share for the Islamic charitable organization or foundation

It is worth noting that the division of the shares depends on the country, region, and Islamic school of thought.

Some may have additional shares for the Prophet’s family, while others may allocate a share for the local community.

Qualities of a Cow that Needs to be Sacrificed

When performing the Qurbani of a cow, it is important to select an animal that meets certain criteria. Here are some qualities of a cow that should be sacrificed during Qurbani:


The cow should be healthy and free from any visible defects or diseases. Also, the animal should be well-fed and in good condition.


The cow needs to be at least two years old to be eligible for sacrifice.

This is because younger cows do not develop fully until two years.  Furthermore, their meat may not be of the best quality.


The size of a cow is an important factor that you need to consider. An animal that weighs at least 600 kg or more is good to go.


The cow needs to be healthy. It would be a plus point if it has an appealing feature. The animal should be well-groomed.


You need to ask about the temperament of the cow. You may also observe while buying it.

Prefer a cow with a calm and peaceful temperament. This is because a cow that is agitated or stressed gives you a tough time while Qurbani.

Hence, it is important to consult with an expert or a local Islamic organization. They can provide guidance and advice on the best cow to select for the Qurbani.

How to Perform the Qurbani of a Cow?

Prepare the animal

Take care of your animal properly. Maintain hygiene to prevent diseases. Make sure it takes proper food and water.

Face the animal toward the Qibla

The Qibla is the direction of the Kaaba in Mecca. During the Qurbani, the animal should be faced the Qibla as a sign of respect and devotion.

Recite the name of Allah

 Recite Takbir loudly before cutting. The person performing the Qurbani should recite the name of Allah.

Also, it is necessary to make the intention to perform the Qurbani.

Make a deep cut once

 Always use a sharp knife to make a deep cut to the throat of the animal. The cut should be made in one swift motion to minimize the animal’s pain.

Tips for the Qurbani of the Animal

Leave the animal to bleed out

Don’t touch the animal again until it stops breathing. It should be left to bleed out.

It is essential to ensure that the animal is completely dead before proceeding with the rest of the Qurbani.

Skin and butcher the animal

Once the animal is dead, it should be skinned and butchered into three equal parts. One part is for the poor and needy. The second part is for relatives and friends. The last part is for personal consumption.

Final Thoughts

Hence, everybody loves to present best as a Qurbani. So, it’s important to know how to select the best.

Above all, it is mandatory to be aware of the process and not to hurt the feelings of animals being sacrificed.

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