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Sheep enjoy the same status as goats in almost every way. However, their wool proves to be an additional benefit.

Sheep production is one of the major sources of earnings in most parts of Pakistan. It is a low-cost investment.  Pakistan has 26.5 million sheep.

The main purpose of raising this cute animal is meat production. The sheep shares about 40% of the total red meat production in Pakistan.

I observed that in the last several years animal food products are in demand. The annual growth rate is 4.47 which is the highest in Asia.

 Pakistan has 30 breeds of sheep. Among the sheep breeds, Kajli and Lohi sheep breeds have the highest adult body weight. This sheep weighs more than 30kg.

The sheep breed differ in growth rate and wool production.

The sheep are mainly divided into categories

  1. Thin-tailed sheep.
  2. Fat-tailed sheep.

There are several sheep that have thin tailed. We are going to discuss here the most famous breeds of Pakistan.

Most Popular Sheep Breeds in Pakistan

Thin Tailed

1. Damani sheep.

The Damani sheep is a dual-purpose breed of domestic sheep from Pakistan. It is mainly found in Dera Ismail Khan and some parts of Bannu in the KPK province of Pakistan.  

They are thin-tailed and have native sheep genes. They are at threat of extinction.

Damani sheep are considered strong animals. They are well adapted to their local environment.

The average litter size is one. They are also good milk producers. The average weight is 27-32 kg.

2. Cholistani Sheep.

Cholistani is another thin-tailed sheep. It is raised for mutton and wool. They are native to Bahawalnagar, Bahawalpur, Rahim Yar Khan and Cholistan.

They are medium-sized with white wool. They have black or brown head and ears. The wool yield is 2kg.

It is also famous as “Buchi”.They are mainly raised for meat in their native area.

 The female sheep yields 45 liters of milk per lactation of 110 days. The weight of a mature ram is 48.5kg and ewes weigh 34 kgs on average.

3. Kajli Sheep.

 The famous thin-tailed sheep Kajli is native to Pakistan. It is mainly raised in Sargodha, Gujranwala, Lahore, and Faisalabad.

The name Kajli is due to its beauty and weight gain quality. Its meat is liked by the whole country and is especially raised for sacrificial purposes.

Kajli sheep have a typical Roman nose, broad chest, and dropping-down ears.

They are large with a white body coat. The wool yield is 3kg. The weight of the ram is in the range of 70-80 kg and the mature ewe is 45-50 kg in weight.

4. Lohi Sheep.

 The Lohi sheep is a breed of domestic sheep of Pakistan. It is found in the southern Punjab of Pakistan.

It is raised for dual purposes meat and high-quality wool production.

The Lohi breed is a medium-sized animal. Their coat is dense and considered as best for the carpet industry.  

The weight is 45 to 65 kg. The average wool clip is 3 kg. The daily milk production is 1.2 liters.

5. Kooka Sheep.

This breed is also native to Pakistan. They are raised for the dual purpose of meat and wool.

They produce about 1.7 kg of white wool annually.

They are famous for their heavy head and broad forehead. The ears are long and hanging. They have small horns and medium-sized mouths.

They are mostly found in the Tharparkar district and its adjoining areas.

This breed is also good in milk production. It produces one liter of milk per day.

Fat Tailed:

Now I am going to discuss the second type of breed which is fat-tailed. I will elaborate on the most famous breed of fat-tailed sheep.

1. Balkhi Sheep.

 The Balkhi sheep is considered a medium to the large-sized animal.

They are available in three colors white, black and tan. They have strong and muscular bodies. Both males and females have horns.

Their tail is unique in style and when they walk they look amazing. The tail is fat and round and covers the back portion up to the knee.

Their body weight at the time of birth is 5.2kg for males and 3.8kg for females.

The average height is 74-87 cm on the average.

They are specially raised for meat production. The average body weight of mature Balkhi sheep is 70 kg.

The female Balkhi yields 60 kg of milk per lactation for 105 days.

2. Waziri Sheep.

Waziri sheep breed is a fat-tailed domestic sheep. It is mostly raised in the Waziristan region of Pakistan.

This breed of sheep is small-sized and has a compact body. They have blackheads and small ears.

It is considered a micro sheep because the average weight of a female is 25 kg only.

3. Baluchi Sheep.

Baluchi sheep are raised at the domestic level. It is native to southern Afghanistan, Eastern Iran, and southwest Pakistan.

It is one of the family members of fat-tailed sheep.

This breed is also famous for other names like Araghi, Farahani, and Neini.

It is raised mainly for wool purposes.

 Average wool is 1.3-1.8 kg. On average, they produce 40-50 liters of milk in a lactation period of about 125 days.

4. Bibrik Sheep.

The Bibrik sheep is another famous fat-tailed breed of Pakistan. It is raised mainly for meat production.

It is raised in the parts of Sibi and Loralai districts in the province of Baluchistan Pakistan.

Both rams and ewes are generally horned, and the horns of the female are quite large and curved.

The rams generally weigh around 2.8 kg at birth and ewe 2.4 kg. The average weight of a mature ram is 37 kg and for a female 31 kg.

People also ask

How many breeds of sheep are in Pakistan?

There are 30 local breeds of sheep in the country. Important sheep breeds are Buchi, Lohi, and Thalli, which are famous in Punjab.

How long do sheep breed for?

Sheep can breed as early as 7 months old. But one should wait until they are 18 months old. They can breed twice a year.

They can only breed until 5 to 6 years. They can breed longer than this period but more complications will face by lamb and ewe. The ewe also may not come into season as often.


Sheep are considered the backbone of the livestock of Pakistan.

The major part of meat demand is fulfilled by sheep. It is not only raised for meat purposes but it fulfills the wool industry of Pakistan.

The Lohi is one of the best sheep breeds in Pakistan. Rapid growth is a prominent feature of this breed.

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