Buffalo Breeds in Pakistan ( Top 3)

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I have wonderful information about Black “Gold Buffalo”. Yes, Buffalo is called the Black Gold due to its importance.

Buffalo is the principal dairy animal. It is considered the backbone of agriculture and the milk production system.

Pakistani buffalo is famous at the global level. It is considered a triple-purpose animal. We get milk, meat, and draught.

Pakistan maintains a buffalo herd of 28.4 million.

Three main Buffalo breeds found in Pakistan are Kundhi, Nili-Ravi, and Azi Kheli.

The cost of different buffalo breeds is different. It mostly depends upon the yield of milk.

The cost of male buffalo ranges from 2 lac to 10 lac. It depends on the weight.

Buffalo Breeds in Pakistan

1.Kundi-Buffalo Breed.

Natural home.

Kundi buffalos are one of the famous breeds of Pakistan. Kundi buffaloes are found all over Sindh. It is especially found on both sides of the Indus River.

It is also present in the region of Kashmore in the north of Shah Bandar and in the south on the coast of the Arabian Sea.

Kundi Buffalo can also be found in some parts of Baluchistan. They are considered an expensive breed of buffalo.

Physical Features:

 According to vet observation, they are jet-Black animals.

I love the fishhook shape of its horns. Their horns are broad at the base and then turn  upward and inward toward the base of the head.

The name Kundhi is due to the shape of its horns. The white spots and straight horns are not expected in this breed.

They have a broad strong but short neck. They have medium-sized ears. According to the Vet, the average age of maturity for males is 2 and half years or 30 months and for Females, it is 3 years or 36 months.

The weight of an adult male is 500-600 kg, and the weight of adult females is 300-400 Kg.

Kundi Buffalo has four large udders. They provide 1700-2200 liters of milk per lactation with 6.5 percent butter fat.

2. Nili-Ravi Buffalo Breed.

Nilli Ravi

Nili-Ravi is another famous breed of Pakistan. It is famous for its milk yield. The cost of Nili-Ravi ranges from 350,000 to 600,000. The cost may vary according to milk yield and the age of Buffalo.

Natural home.

Nili-Ravi’s home ranges between the Sutlej and Ravi rivers of Punjab. According to the vet, Nili and Ravi are two different breeds. But with the passage of time and intensive cross-breeding, the two breeds get the same features.

Nowadays they are considering a single breed Nili-Ravi.

Some typical breeds of Nili and Ravi are still found in the rural areas of Punjab.

According to my research, they are found in Lahore, Sheikhupura, Faisalabad, Okara, Sahiwal, Multan, Bahawalpur and Bahawalnagar.

Nili and Ravi were considered two separate breeds till the 1960s.

Nili breed is available in the valley of Sutlej and Ravi in the Sandal Bar area of river Ravi.

The Cost of Kundhi buffaloes is up to 8 million.

 Physical features.

 There is a great difference in the appearance of Kundhi and Nili-Ravi.

 The body of Nili-Ravi makes it a wedge-shaped animal. They are mostly black but some white markings make them beautiful.

They have white spots on the forehead, face, and lower part of the legs. The tail end is often white.

The small curly horns and shiny eyes add more to their beauty.

According to the vet, the male attains maturity at the age of 2 and half years and females at the age of 3 years.

The milk yield is 1800-2500 liters per lactation with 6.5 percent butter fat. Male may be used for draught purposes.

The male buffalo is also used in cultivation and also a good source of beef. An adult male weighs 550-650 kg, while a female weighs 350-45- kg.

If the white spots are all over the body then they are disqualified from this breed.

3. Azi-Kheli Buffalo Breed.

Aze Kheli Buffalo

Azi-Kheli buffalo is famous for its body color. Its color is different from other buffaloes. Golden yellow, albino or white is different shades of this breed. The cost of male and female buffalo are different.

Due to its unique color, it becomes more expensive.

Natural home.

This breed of buffalo belongs to the northern areas of Pakistan. Azi-Kheli breeds are mostly found in Swat valley in the Khyber Pakhtunkhuwa province.

They are found in light brown and fully black colors. Sometimes they can be found in black color with white spots.

Physical features.

The milk yield at the farmer level ranges from 5- 6 liter/day. However, some exceptional buffaloes can produce up to 16-18 liters per day.  

It has more fat percent as compared to other breeds.

The estimated population size is around 50 thousand.

Nowadays the features of this breed are recognized at the international level. Scientists are trying to improve the quality of this breed.

Common Problems:

Buffaloes of different breeds have the potential to produce more but due to mal-practices, their potential is decreasing day by day.

The use of oxytocin in milk production is a common practice all over the country. The result of this medicine is infertility.

Such animals fail to conceive and are sold to butchers. A number of buffaloes are slaughtered every year.

Buffaloes require proper feed for a good yield of milk. Pakistani dairy animals are deficient in feed and fodders resulting in low production of milk and meat.

People Also Ask

What is the average age of Buffalo in Pakistan?

The average age of unproductive buffaloes is 6- 10 years or 2636 days.

The normal life span is about 15 years.

Is buffalo milk good for the human body?

In Pakistan and adjacent countries, buffalo milk is one of the significant sources of milk for human consumption.

Buffalo milk is very high in fat as compared to cow milk. It is a good source of calcium and minerals for the human body. Milk is a necessary element of a child’s diet.

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