Jerky Treats for Cats in Pakistan

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Are you interested in giving something more than just regular food to your cats? Jerk treats for cats are a new addition to the treat world of cats. These are made with all-natural ingredients and offer wholesome nutrition to kitties.

In comparison to creamy treats, jerky treats for cats provides taste with dental care. These are either made from dried chicken fillets or other meat sources. This depends on the type of jerky treat flavor you are getting for your furry friend.

This article solely focuses on the availability of cat jerky treats in Pakistan. I’ll address some of the prime benefits of giving jerky treats to cats. Besides, some of them are highly liked by cat owners as a reward treat for pets.

1. Wanpy Jerky Treats for Cats

Jerky Treats for Cats

Wanpy is the brand every cat owner trust in supplying excellent quality treats for cats. Wanpy jerky treats offer a preservative-free solution in the form of jerky strips. These are available in several different meat flavors to choose from.

The company uses 100% free-range meat sources in Wanpy jerky treats. Your cat will enjoy the utmost palatable taste of the treats. These jerky treats are a great addition in the form of mid-meals snacks throughout the day.

Wanpy jerky treats are available in several different flavors. The flavors depend on the type of jerky’s constituents. In Pakistan, you can get shrimp, duck, and chicken jerky treats for your beloved cats.

The delicious goodies offered by Wanpy jerky treat are enriched with many benefits. It helps in fixing the mood of finicky cats. Besides, you can also use jerky treats as a reward during play or training sessions for cats.

Key Benefits

Wanpy Jerky Treats

Ideal Nutrients Ratio

Wanpy jerky treats are formulated with pure animal-based protein sources. If we look at the nutritional profile, there is 31% crude protein and 1.5% crude fat. The CP ratio is highly appreciated as your cats can get optimum protein between regular meals.

Wanpy jerky treat also takes care of the digestive system of cats with 0.5% crude fiber. Many veterinarians recommend jerky treats as a good alternative to other treats. The additional vitamins and minerals also help to strengthen the immunity and disease resistance in cats.

Reduce Teeth Tartar

In comparison to creamy treats, Wanpy jerky treats provide more chewability. This is because these are mainly composed of dehydrated meat and other ingredients. Not only the jerky treats are ideal to induce healthy chewing but also take care of oral health.

Senior cats are more prone to tartar development with time. They need something to provide a grinding effect on the teeth’ surface. This can be possible by the use of Wanpy jerky treats because of the dried nature.

Growth & Skeleton Support

Wanpy jerky treats are more than just a tasteful treat. They are packed with additional minerals especially calcium for healthy bone development. The jerky treats are intended to be used in cats over 3 months of age after proper teeth growth.

On the other hand, the balanced mix helps the cat in achieving an ideal weight. Wanpy jerky treats are well-tolerated and absorbed by the cat’s gut. And so, such treats offer some extra benefits of proper growth and development in feline friends.

Jerky Treats


That sums up our today’s topic of discussion. Jerky treats for cats are something you must get for your furball. With tasty flavors and excellent palatability, Wanpy jerky treats are getting the utmost attention from many pet owners.

Jerky treats for cats come in hard chewable form. Therefore, the product must not be given to newborn kittens. Jerky treats are not recommended as a complete alternative to dry cat food. Instead, you should use them occasionally as complimentary cat foods.

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