Animal farms in Pakistan ( Find Out)

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Whether it’s poultry farms or dairy, Pakistan has a large number of farms with advanced technology. Dairy farming is a very hot topic in Pakistan.

Can you believe the agricultural sector provides almost 50% of the direct or indirect jobs to the population?

I have been running a dairy cattle farm for the past five years. Through farming and livestock, I have earned a double profit.

In addition to profit, pure milk and meat are available to me whenever I want.

Most experienced entrepreneurs have already jumped into animal farming in Pakistan.

In addition to dairy farming, people are also interested in poultry, fish, and other animal farming.

According to the 2021-22 survey, livestock has a share of 61.89 percent in agriculture.

It contributes a share of 14.04 percent to GDP.

In this article, I am going to provide you with details about the famous farms with different animals like cattle, fish, goats, horses, etc.

Animal farms in Pakistan

Cattle farming

HRM dairies

This dairy farm is located in Arifwala near chicha watni. It is a very unique farm that has advanced technology. There are almost thirty cows on this farm.

All of these cows are imported from Australia. They sell 4000 liters of milk daily to nestle.

They have arranged large pumps to clean cow dung. This dung is cleaned after every two to three hours.

Showers and big exhaust fans are available to maintain the temperature for them. Different machines are available to mix the hay and corn silage.

Automatic machinery is used for cleaning the milk from the cows. Every machine has an attached meter with it.

It shows the amount of milk cleaned from the cow. Every cow has a specific number attached to its ears.

This number is scanned when they enter the area where milk is cleaned. This milk from different pipes is entered into the tank.

Then after processing, milk is delivered.

Gujjar cattle farm

This farm is located in Sialkot. Its owner’s name is Mahmood Ahmed. This farm contains 100+ calves. There are almost six breeds of calves on this farm.

These breeds include desi Sahiwal, nuke, sibbi, cholistan, etc. They provide them pure diet. Like corn, wheat, and other healthy grains.

They also give them wheat porridge and corn porridge. Salt is also provided to them. Hay of good quality is provided to them.

They buy calves from Sahiwal, Bahawalpur, Multan, and Ludden etc.

The owner also advised new investors to start this business in the 10th month. So, you can sell them before Eid Ul Azha.

Regular checkups of them are done by veterinarians. Vaccines are also administered to them.

Contact number: 03069393825


Horse farms

Baig horse farm

This stud farm is located in Lahore. The name of the owner is Asad Baig. His grandfather started this farmhouse in 1975. They imported the Assasi breed from the USA in 2005.

People buy horses from them for racing, polo, and throwing of spears. Currently, they have at least 25 horses, mares, fillies, and two stallions.

They give them garlic, apple, hay, and milk. They also provide them with different supplements. Chickpeas are also included in their food.

They have bought special Australian cows for the milk. Every filly drinks 1 kg milk daily. Some also drink 3 to 4 kg daily.

This farm is situated on 25 acres. They have won the derby race 7 times. The average lifespan of a horse is 20 to 22 years.

They have managed to note down the family tree of every horse that is present on their farm.

The average expenditure of this farm is 10 million rupees per month. Special food is given to racehorses. Currently, they have 2 dokie training on their farm.

Special air conditioners are arranged for the maintenance of temperature.

Fish farms

Biofloc technology is the advanced technology in Pakistan. Many youngsters are earning millions in Pakistan through this farming.

Kataria fish farm and fish hatchery

This fish farm has a 4.1 rating. According to people’s reviews, it’s the owner is very expert. He is very helpful and guides people very well.

This fish farm is one of the best fish farms in Faisalabad.

Location: 167gb kataria tehsil summandri, Faisalabad. 38000

Contact number: 03217627127

Evergreen fish seed hatchery

This fish farm has a very cooperative staff. They have Clarius, Indian major Carps, and Chinese Carps. Quality seed is available for sale.

Address: Aadiyan road, Chak 41, Sheikhupura, Punjab.

Contact number: 03324495887

Mahais fish farm

This fish farm has 4.6 ratings. According to people’s opinion, this farm has good quality fish. They also have popular fish breeds.

Address: G7V6+923, Unnamed road, Chak 165RB Mais, Faisalabad, Punjab.

Contact number: 03070164401

Goat farms

Goat farming is one of the most emerging businesses in Pakistan. Pakistan has a large number of goat farms with popular goat breeds.

Layalpur goat breeding farm

This breeding farm provides unique services. It has pure genetic beetle goat breeding. They also serve to fatten the pure breed male kids.

In addition to this, they provide family consultation, field visits, and animal sourcing.

Location: 5JHP+7VF, Gojra, Toba Tek Singh district, Punjab.

Contact number: 03434040807

Mashallah goat farm

They have desi and cross-breed goats.

Location: Chak No. 4 S.B. Bhalwal, Sargodha, Punjab 54000

Contact number: 03006795195


Which fish is best for biofloc fish farming?

Air-breathing fishes are best for biofloc fish farming. These fishes include Singhi, Magur, Panda, Anabas, and Pangasius.

What is the rare breed of horses in Pakistan?

Nukra or Hirzai is a rare breed of Pakistan. These riding horses originated from Arabs. They have very much resemblance to Balochis.

Their home tract lies in Balochistan province.

Is farming goats profitable in Pakistan?

Goat farming is considered the most lucrative and profitable business. Goat products have excellent demand in international as well as national markets.

The land requirement for at least 500 goats is ten acres. However, they provide you with far more profit than investment.

Are cattle farming a good business?

Cattle farming is considered a wonderful, family business. If you manage this business well, it will give you lifetime consistent good returns.


Pakistan has farming of many animals that including cattle, goats, fish, goats, and many other animals.

Pakistan has a profitable business and popular business of cattle farming. There are a lot of renowned cattle farms that have advanced technology.

Furthermore, there is a biofloc fish farming business in Pakistan. This emerging type of farming is proved to be very beneficial.

Goat farming is considered one of the most popular and profitable businesses in Pakistan.

So, whatever you choose, be consistent and do smart as well as hard work. And every farming will yield good profit.

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