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Due to an increase in food demand, like other food resources aquaculture has also expanded its boundaries.

Biofloc technologies gained popularity soon after their development. This is a technique in which the water quality can be improved by maintaining correct water parameters.

Can you believe Biofloc fish farming is now more popular than conventional fish farming? In addition to its popularity, it is more profitable than typical fish farming.

There are two types of Biofloc farming. One is home-based and the other type is commercial base.


The commercial base requires more labor work. However, both types are budget-friendly.

I have started home-based Biofloc fish farming. Currently, I have five water tanks set up. And guess what, I am earning double what I invested.

This is why I felt motivated and decided to share my experience with you.


Fish farming is a combination of hard classes but good profit. You can earn good income from it. A lot of people have been successful in this business.

Biofloc farming fishery is one of the biggest sources of food in this world. It is also the biggest source of employment. It is not possible to meet the demand using the traditional methods of fishing.

With the changing of time, the fishery industry has adopted more innovative and efficient methods of raising and harvesting fish.

To stable the requirements, one such method is the Biofloc technology.  This method was developed to deal with wastewater management. It maintains biochemical cycles and maintains the nutrition level of the aquatic life.

With the application of this method an immense growth within a short time is achievable.

The fishing industry gets double fish by using this successful method known as Biofloc technology.

This method deals with the production of aquatic food to meet the demand. Biofloc technology aims at converting toxic waste material into protein-rich food. The protein-rich food is also good for aquatic life.

Necessary steps to develop a successful Biofloc farming system are:

1. Tank set up.

The aqua life tank setup is not an easy task. It converts the traditional fish ponds without liner into a Biofloc system.

It’s a challenging task to develop a tank for aqua life. The microbe’s minerals and heavy metals naturally wasted in the soil affect the parameters of pond water. It also affects the natural process underlying the Biofloc system.

In our country, indoor tanks are the best choice. In outdoor tanks, the experience of heavy rain is not good.

For indoor tanks, there must be arrangements for sunlight. Without sunlight, the growth of beneficial microbes is not possible.

A proper drainage system must be there.

2.Proper air system

When you have selected the right pond or tank set up it’s time to work on the air system.

All Biofloc systems require constant motion to maintain high oxygen levels and to keep solids from setting down. In the portion of the tank without movement, the oxygen level loses rapidly.

It turns into a zone that releases a large amount of ammonia and methane.

To avoid such situation every pond must have proper aerators. Try to move aerators on daily basis.

3. Pre-seeding beneficial microbes:

To start your Biofloc system successfully you need to pre-seed the culture water.

This can be easily available on the local level. Some famous farms provide probiotic microbes.

A quick and easy recipe to produce microbes quickly is a finely milled blend of bran and wheat. Mix them in a drum and left for 48 hours, after that add them to the pond.

4. Best species for your farming

A very important factor in the selection of biofloc is the best species for your farming.

Most of the species require the best quality of water. We need to select a species that benefits from extra proteins, by feeding and digesting the Biofloc themselves.

You can easily farm walking catfish, tilapia, Vietnamese koi, and Asian stinging catfish.

5. Biofloc growth

The Biofloc system grows multiple times in presence of sunlight, a source of carbon, and plenty of air.

Some other factors are also important for the growth of the Biofloc system

  • Water temperature is critical. It should be 20-30 centigrade in the pond.
  • The available amount of nutrients in the pond. It should be balanced.
  • Minimize the quantity of ammonia in the water.
  • Always maintain good water quality.

Take samples from time to time to monitor the growth of flocks.

6. Monitoring

Monitoring is a key factor in the success of the Biofloc system. You have to monitor the Biofloc development and control it.

The growth of algae and bacteria should also be kept on monitor. Otherwise, it will disturb the pond balance.

If the Biofloc system has turned to brown,  the system of air must be increased to sustain the respiration rate.

If aeration stops at this level, you will lose your whole crop.

So monitoring for aeration levels and power supply system is necessary.

Another monitoring factor of the Biofloc system is improving the growth rate. The growth rate is increased by increasing the feeding efficiencies.

Additionally, if you need to improve the profit, sustainability of farming operations is mandatory.

Keep an eye on how the farm is doing, regular monitoring of the performance of the stock, and calculate and record the growth rate.

By keeping the above points you can stable a profitable business of Biofloc fish farming like me.

People also ask

If I have limited land then which fishing is better Biofloc or traditional?

If you have limited space, plastic tank Biofloc fish farming is more profitable in every aspect. Its maintenance, food cost, water cost, and other expenditures are less than the normal pond.

Plastic pool pangasius culture has been producing more fish and a low mortality rate. With the growth of 4 months, production will be around 1 tonne.

How harmful is eating Biofloc farm-raised fish?

The fish raised by Biofloc farm is very healthy. If the fish farmer is not out of business. The Biofloc system needs proper monitoring of quality of water regularly for oxygen, and nitrate.

The fishes fed a controlled and balanced diet. Today the fish produced through biofloc technology is a lot better than the fish produced in old farm ponds.


The Biofloc system plays an important role in the sustainability of seafood. It promotes aquaculture farming.

I hope you have learnt everything from the introduction to harvesting. It is easy to adopt as a business and hobby.

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