Different Types of Animal Farming in Pakistan

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Different Type of Animal Farming in Pakistan

Animal farming plays an important role in Pakistan’s economy considering the country’s agricultural background. A mere 56 percent of Pakistan’s agricultural share comes from the livestock sector. Here, we will explore the different types of animal farming in Pakistan.

This list would not be complete without dairy farming, which has been around for hundreds of years. Pakistan has also developed a lot in poultry farming over the past decade. Additionally, it has made a significant contribution to the economy of Pakistan and still has the potential to reach new heights.

There are also many sheep and goat farms in Pakistan. Furthermore, investors, these days are turning to ostriches and fish farming as well. These are still in the development phase, so there is still a lot of room to fill.

The ostrich and fish farming industries are expected to boom in Pakistan in the coming years. Now let’s briefly discuss each one of them.

Dairy Farming in Pakistan

In Pakistan, the livestock industry plays a significant role. The country ranks as the fifth most milk-producing country in the world. In line with the development of modern dairy farming, corporate dairy farms have been established as well.

Corporate dairy farms adhere to modern dairy farming practices and follow dairy farming rules. Dairy has made remarkable progress over the years. Nonetheless, they remain a small segment of the industry.

Commercial dairy farms are also on the rise and are becoming an increasingly important aspect of dairy farming. Small-scale dairy farming is the major livestock stakeholder. In this sector, there is much work to be done.

While there are efforts to improve the local breed, this remains far from being achieved. Although milk consumption is on the rise, the number of animals is not growing at the same rate.

Therefore, if anyone is looking for long-term business investment, they can consider dairy farming. The total investment for a dairy farm with 100 cows is 70.55 million rupees, of which 68.55 million rupees will be used as capital and 1.9 million rupees as working capital.

Poultry Farming in Pakistan

1962 marked the establishment of commercial poultry in Pakistan. With an investment of more than 1,190 billion rupees, it is one of the largest agriculture-based segments in Pakistan.

The sector grows at an annual rate of 10-12%. Pakistan’s poultry industry makes a significant contribution toward meeting the demand for meat protein in the country.

Poultry is the cheapest source of animal protein for the masses due to the continuous depletion of the supply of red meat, thus acting as an effective check on our spiraling animal protein prices.

Therefore, we already consume less protein than is recommended. More than 1.5 million people are employed and earn an income through the poultry industry in Pakistan. Meat and eggs are the products of poultry farming on a commercial level.

Layer chickens and broilers have separate farms. A small-scale farm mainly focuses on eggs. Poultry producers in Pakistan have experienced prolonged power outages, poor quality feed containing mycotoxins, and fluctuating prices as a result of poor biosecurity plans.

Pakistan is still a very successful country in terms of commercial poultry farming. It can be a very profitable business if you understand how the poultry industry works.

To improve poultry farming, the government has facilitated small-scale farming. Nonetheless, achieving the poultry industry’s full potential still requires a great deal of effort. Likewise, the government needs to regulate chicken prices so that small-scale farmers do not lose money.

Goat Farming in Pakistan

 Many men and women in Pakistan prefer goat farming as a livestock business because it offers good income opportunities. The goat has traditionally been called the poor man’s cow.

Goats are small to medium-sized animals that produce a substantial amount of milk and meat, which makes them ideal for earning additional income. Starting a goat farm in Pakistan does not require any special skills.

Before starting a goat farming business in Pakistan, one should learn about goat management. A large proportion of goat farming in Pakistan is done by landless farmers. Many women, children, and even men raise goats in rural Pakistan.

Since Pakistan has a high demand for goat meat, many educated people started commercial stall-fed goat farming businesses. Pakistani goat products are in high demand even internationally.

The goat farming business is now considered one of the most profitable and lucrative businesses in Pakistan. But before you start goat farming in Pakistan, you need to keep certain things in mind.

Commercial milk production is suitable for goat breeds such as Beetal, Dera Din Panah, Kamori, and Khurasani. Many breeds of cattle, including Barbara, Chapper, Teddy, and others, produce a lot of meat.

To start a goat farm with 50 animals, the required capital investment would be 420000 rupees, while the cost of purchasing the animals would be 700000 lakh rupees.

Ostrich Farming in Pakistan

It is becoming increasingly popular to raise ostriches, including for their meat, feathers, and hide. This has the potential of introducing new markets to this mighty bird. Ostrich farms can easily be established in Pakistan due to the country’s independence in labor and feed.

Many farmers in Pakistan raise ostriches on a small scale across the country, and poultry is gaining popularity there. Pakistan’s appetite for meat (nutritious meat), fat, oil, hides, eggs, and feathers is on the rise.

However, there are not enough ostrich producers to meet the demand. It is therefore time to maximize our market share on both a local and an international level. Pakistan launched a project in 2016 to jump-start the ostrich industry in that country, providing farmers with subsidies.

In the following years, there were 400 ostrich farms in the country instead of 60. In 2018, the government decided not to renew the subsidy program. A great many of these farmers have been unable to repay the money they invested.

But Farmers are more profitable in this business than with other livestock, but they need to be patient.

Fish Farming in Pakistan

Pakistan’s fishing industry is a major contributor to generating income, reducing poverty, creating jobs, and generating export revenue. Fisheries in Pakistan have a lot of potential.

It contributes about one percent of GDP to the national economy, and about one percent of the country’s workforce is employed in this sector. This industry is growing at the fastest rate in the nation.

It has become one of the fields that grow and change the fastest with the advancement of cutting-edge technology in today’s world.

As a result of technical manpower, competent extension personnel, and effective technology transfer, the sector has seen considerable growth over the past decade.

To obtain fishes that will thrive in an opposite environment, you need to be aware of the different kinds of fish and their nature before starting a fish farm.

You will also need to gather sufficient information about what is happening at the national or international level in the Pakistani fish market.

In the end, you will earn handsome fish farming profit in Pakistan when you have strong knowledge about starting a fish farming business in Pakistan.

According to the estimations, starting a fish farm in Pakistan would cost Rs. 3.834 million with an initial investment of Rs. 3.368 million.


In countries like Pakistan, animal husbandry is an extremely profitable business. There is a huge gap in animal farming and whatever business you want to start, there is a lot of potential in this area.

It is important to understand the basics of any animal farm, whether it is a dairy farm, chicken farm, goat farm, ostrich farm, or fish farm, before starting one. You should be familiar with how the markets of these farms work.

If you start an animal farm without a piece of background knowledge, you can also lose a lot of money. We hope that this article will help you with any questions you might have about different kinds of animal farming in Pakistan.

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