How to Start a Control Shed Poultry Farm in Pakistan

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How to start control shed poultry farming in Pakistan

Control shed poultry farming is becoming extremely popular with stakeholders in the poultry industry in Pakistan. As the population increases, egg and chicken demand are on the rise. If you want to get into poultry farming, we can teach you how to start a control shed poultry farm in Pakistan.

The most important step would be to learn poultry farming. You should not run the poultry farm business in a hurry as it is a very delicate business. It can cost you a lot if you don’t know how to handle day-old chicks, growers, and finishers.

Management is the key to a successful poultry farm. A poor management system will result in poor output. The entire poultry farm can be managed easily in a control shed poultry farm since everything is automatic.

Nevertheless, there are some things you must handle yourself, such as vaccination treatments and cleanliness. All these aspects are necessary for a poultry business to be profitable.

How to Start a Control Shed Poultry Farm in Pakistan

To start a control shed poultry farm in Pakistan you should learn all the basic requirements.


A capital investment of Rs 5.7 million is needed for day-old chicks, feed, vaccines, and other inputs for the Controlled Shed Poultry Farm with a population of 35,000 birds. A control shed poultry farm in Pakistan costs around 24.7 million rupees.

Land Requirement

At 18 days of age, broilers need 450 cubic centimeters of floor space, 3 centimeters of feed space, and 1.5 centimeters of water space.

When your birds are between 19 and 42 days old, they need a floor space of 1000 cm2, an area of feed space of 6-7 cm, and a water area of 3 cm.

Poultry Shed Construction Plan

Concrete should be used for the farm floor to prevent rats from living beneath it. It should also be free of moisture. To protect birds and farms from snakes and rats, the floor should extend 1.5 feet beyond the walls on all sides.

Agri-cultural buildings and commercial poultry housing have long been protected with metal roofing and siding panels that are durable and economical.

Due to the ventilation being controlled by exhaust fans, the width of poultry houses can even exceed 40 feet.

An eaves height of 6 to 7 feet should be maintained on the sides and a height of 10 to 12 feet at the center.


One of the most important parts of a control shed poultry farm in Pakistan is the controller. A controller is used to regulate almost everything on a control farm.

All electrically powered things such as shed fans, cooling pads, brooders, and feeding lines, can be operated.

The quality of the controller will determine the success of your entire farm. Furthermore, if there is any mishap with your controller, you should know how to repair it, since most poultry farms are located outside of cities.

Cooling Pads

 The purpose of evaporative cooling pad systems is to reduce the temperature of birdhouses so that the birds do not experience heat stress. 

As a result, birds should gain more weight daily, while productivity increases and mortality decreases.

The length of a cooling pad depends upon the width of a poultry farm.

Cooling Fans

Fans are meant to remove stale air from the house so that the internal temperature can be lowered. On a house’s short side, evaporative pads are usually combined with the fans.

The higher the in-house temperature, the harder it is for birds to get rid of their excess heat, resulting in a high internal temperature. Especially in warm weather, ventilation becomes increasingly important as birds grow.

Fresh air must be supplied to the animals of a poultry house so they can stay healthy. The ventilation of a building removes heat, moisture, dust, and odor while diluting airborne diseases.


Poults, goslings, and chicks are raised in brooders, heated cages that help them grow up fast. This type of animal usually relies on its mother for warmth, but a heat lamp can keep them warm enough in their absence to avoid stressing their internal organs.

Brooding at the right temperature is essential for healthy chicks and a rapid feathering process. As the chicks grow, the brooder temperature decreases.

Brooder Management entails providing a comfortable environment for the broiler’s first week of life to maximize feed and water consumption.

A brooder should have a wall height of 12 inches for chicks aged one to three weeks, but by six weeks of age, it should have a wall height of 24 inches to prevent them from hopping out. Another option is to add a lid.

Feeding Lines

A control system for poultry farming must also include feed lines. These are automatic in poultry control sheds.

A main hopper in the storage area holds the feed, which is then transported to the shed. Also in the shed are harpers that divide the feed into different sheds from the main feed lines.

To make it easier for the birds to eat feed, the feed pens used for chicks are placed at certain heights. The feed pens’ height increases as the height of the birds increases.

Water lines 

As with feed lines, water lines are also present in poultry farms. These lines are also automatic and have water pens that are placed at a 45-degree angle.

The height of the water pens increases as the bird’s height increases. Fill the water so that it can be consumed by the birds in 2 hours.

Each area’s water has a different composition. To provide ideal water for birds, RO plants are used.

Backup Generators

The control shed on a poultry farm is powered by electricity, so a backup generator is a must. This will be extremely beneficial if you have a breakdown and will make the process of managing the shed much easier.

If your electricity goes out or your generator breaks down, it can cost you a lot of money.


It is reported by industry sources that Pakistan has built 5,000 Environmental Control Houses, of which currently there are 2,500.

Seventy-five percent (1,875) of these are in Punjab, and the remaining twenty-five percent (625) are in other provinces.  

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the control shed poultry farm for sale price in Pakistan?

The control shed poultry farm for sale price in Pakistan is normally 3600000 for an area of 16 Kanal.


Increasing numbers of poultry are raised in control sheds in Pakistan. This is a great opportunity for businessmen. However, you should not jump into a poultry farm without knowing what its environment is like.

If you are interested in starting a control shed poultry farm in Pakistan, read our articles. We hope it clarifies all your questions about poultry farming in control sheds in Pakistan.

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