10 Best Veterinary Clinics and Doctors in Lahore

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All pet owners consider their pets family members. Therefore, it is only reasonable for pet owners to treat their pets in the same way a family member would be treated. There are many pet lovers in Lahore.

That’s why they need to know the best veterinary doctors and clinics in Lahore. Like people, animals too need to be examined by their veterinarian every so often, otherwise, they will suffer from health problems like disease and deformities.

Regular visits to the veterinarian can allow you to catch any problems early and, as a result, take care of them before they become bigger and more complicated issues.

Maintaining your pet’s health is an important part of making sure he or she is fit, healthy, and able to do everything he or she needs to do.

Our team has reviewed all the veterinary clinics in Lahore and has put together a list of the veterinary clinics and doctors in Lahore near you.

The clinics listed in the list can be consulted irrespective of their specialization and you don’t have to be concerned about that.

Top Veterinary Clinics and Doctors in Lahore

  1. General Veterinary Hospital Lahore, Pakistan 

Address: Plot # 15, Commercial Area, Urban Villas, Phase II Baraf Khana Road، Harbanspura Rd, opp. Pepsi Stop، Taj Bagh Scheme, Lahore, Punjab 54000

Phone: 0333 8579990

The Pakistani veterinarian Dr. Zahid Afzal is licensed to treat all kinds of pets, including dogs, cats, birds, and reptiles. Afzal has been treating serious conditions of pets for years, and he also offers regular health checks for pets as a part of his regular pet care services.  

About Clinic

The doctors and staff at General Veterinary Hospital Lahore will always spend as much time as you need with your pet. You can also trust them to carefully track your pet’s health over time, which is so important for its long-term survival.

You’ll always be served by knowledgeable, experienced staff. There are highly-trained veterinarians, veterinary technicians, and other staff members at the facility who are pet-friendly.

In addition, veterinarians strive to maintain a thorough knowledge of the latest veterinary medicines and procedures, so they can offer the best prevention and treatment for all pet patients.

You should gather any previous medical information about your pet, such as adoption records, before coming for the first time. For your veterinarian to create the best treatment plan for your pet, it is necessary to obtain an accurate record of his or her medical history.

2.Zia Veterinary Clinic (DHA) 

Address: 139-G, Defense Housing Authority, Pakistan، Lahore, 54000

Phone: 0321 8477 847

Dr. Zia Ullah is a lecturer and clinician at the Department of Clinical Medicine and Surgery at UVAS Lahore. With a DVM degree from UVAS and an MPhil degree in Animal Reproduction, he is a certified veterinary physician.

In Dubai, UAE, he worked at The City Vet Clinic for three years and then returned to his current position.

Additionally, he works as a consultant for WWF Pakistan, Lahore Zoo, and Punjab Wildlife Department for their Common Leopard Conservation Projects. His special interests are companion animals and avian orthopedic surgery.

About Clinic

A standard for each consultation at this clinic is a 15-minute appointment, providing plenty of time for you to discuss the healthcare of your pet with the veterinarian.

In addition to providing a full range of services at the consultation, they are always on hand to attend to any emergencies that may arise with your pet. The services they provide are as follows:

  • Consultation
  • Vaccinations
  • Medicine
  • Soft Tissue and Orthopedic Surgeries
  • Dentistry
  • Laboratory
  • Digital X-Ray
  • Ultrasound
  • CT Scan
  • Grooming
  • Microchipping
  • Exotic Animal Medicine and Surgery

3. Pets and Vets Clinic

Address: Street 141, Sector H Dha Phase 1, Lahore, Punjab 54000

Phone: 0333 4242458

The ever-delivering Family of PETS & VETS is honored to have Dr. Muhammad Fahad Aziz as a small animal veterinary surgeon and clinician since July 2017. Having a lavish early academic career, he went on to excel as the undisputed topper of his DVM batch.

He strongly believes in evidence-based medicine, especially in veterinary medicine. With internal medicine principles, soft tissue surgery, and human-pet bonding in mind, he strives to provide you with the most current diagnostics and treatment.

About Clinic

The veterinarians at Pets and Vets animal clinic understand the importance of treating your pet just as you would your family member.

Providing compassionate care as well as the latest in medical technology and treatment, Pet and Vets Clinic has been leading the way since 1996.

Your pet will receive both general pet care services and advanced medical services through the friendly and experienced staff of The Pet Hospital.

Aside from vaccinations and dentistry, they also offer grooming, weight management, microchipping, soft tissue surgery, critical care management, and pet supplies.

4. Ali Veterinary Hospital 

Address: e, 197، Co-op Housing Society Block E Audit and Accounts Housing Society, Lahore, Punjab

Phone: 0334 4414867

Dr. Ahmad Ali Ch founded this clinic on May 27th, 2016 to provide quality and unique treatment for the silently suffering.  He has completed his graduation from UVAS Lahore and is pursuing his passion for treating canines and felines for 5 years.

About Clinic

The Ali Veterinary Hospital is a state-of-the-art veterinary clinic in the heart of Lahore Pakistan, near the town of Valencia as well as the WAPDA Town.

Pet food, accessories, veterinary services, surgery, and an international standard of care combined with a foreign-trained vet are all available here.

A variety of services is offered at AVH Lahore including ultrasounds, x-rays, lab tests, nutrition guidelines, farm consultations, and animal grooming services, among others.

5. Defense Animal Hospital 

Address: 16, Commercial. Phase 1 Block F DHA Phase 3, Lahore, Punjab 54600

Phone: 0321 4551700

Dr. Hamid Akbar graduated from the College of Veterinary Sciences, Lahore, Pakistan in 1999. He also obtained his Master of Science (Hons) degree in 2002 from the same institution.

Dr. Hamid Akbar taught surgery to undergraduates at UVAS’s Department of Clinical Medicine & Surgery. Hamid Akbar has a strong background in Veterinary Surgery and Medical Disease Diagnosis (Radiography) as well as Small Animal Surgery.

For the past 10 years, Dr. Hamid Akbar has been providing pet care services at the defense animal hospital. Dr. Akbar specializes in the treatment and surgery of small animals.

About Clinic

Defence Animal Hospital has been offering top-of-the-line animal care in Lahore since 2012, and it is one of the best. The Defence Animal Hospital is known for providing the best surgical and diagnostic facilities located in Lahore.

6. Aamir Veterinary Hospital

Address: 10 Khayaban-e-Jinnah, Nasheman Iqbal Phase 1 Nasheman-e-Iqbal Housing Society, Lahore, Punjab 54000

Dr. Amir is a graduate of Uvas Lahore and completed his master’s from the same institute. He has a wide experience in feline and canine medicine and surgeries and serving the area of Lahore with passion for 4 years.

Phone: 0300 8490255

7. Asim Pets Clinic (Faisal Town)

Address: 10 A Usmani Rd, Block A Faisal Town, Lahore, Punjab

Phone: 0333 4405018 

Professor Dr. Asim began his career as a lecturer in Surgery under the guidance of a senior member of the faculty. There were plenty of opportunities for him to work in small and large animal surgery, as well as in emergency medicine.

 Currently, he is involved in surgery and medicine for small animals. Finally, he was promoted to Associate Professor, as a result of his selection as Officer-In-Charge of the Pet Centre.

 He is the owner of Asim Pet clinic and has been serving the area of Punjab for more than 15 years.

8. Abid Pets Clinic (DHA branch)

 Address: Street no. 06, A Block Sector-A Phase 5 D.H.A, Lahore, Punjab 54792

Phone: 0333 4126982

Dr. Abid is a certified Veterinarian and pet specialist in Lahore. He is famous for treating his patients with humility and respect. He is an expert in canine and feline medicine and surgeries. He also deals with exotic breeds like birds and wildlife animals.

9. Modern Pets Hospital

Address: 60 C bank square market، Model Town, Lahore, 54700

Phone: 0333 4230574

A general small animal veterinarian and surgeon with over 20 years of experience, Saleem Qaisar practices medicine and surgery on small animals.

 Having served on the selection board of several veterinary universities, he has also gained managerial and teaching experience.

 Currently, he holds the position of Assistant Professor in the Department of Anatomy at the University of Veterinary and Animal Sciences Lahore.

 In addition to his special interests in cat and dog medicine and surgery, he strives to improve the quality of life for older pets.

 10. Khyber pets mart and clinic

Address: Shop No. 1, opposite UVAS Main Road, Data Gunj Buksh Town, Lahore, Punjab 54000

Phone: 0346 8993933

Dr. Noman khan is a graduate of UVAS Lahore. A very young and energetic clinician serving the pets of Lahore. He has also completed workshops on Ultrasound, Radiography, and Orthopedic surgeries in small animals.

Important Points to Consider When Choosing a Veterinary Hospital

It is important to know that several important things should be considered when picking a veterinarian hospital to treat your pet.

Keeping these factors in mind, you will be able to find the right location where your pet can be treated quickly and efficiently. Here are a few points that you should take note of:

  • Cleanliness

First impressions are extremely important, as they reflect a lot of things about the company. You need to consider the cleanliness of your pet just as you would when you are considering admitting a human to a clean hospital.

If you bring your pet to an environment where they are more susceptible to sickness and infections, you will not be doing your pet any go. Any existing condition will become even more serious.

There are various areas where your pet will go to be diagnosed and treated, so you need to make sure that each of these areas is hygienic and safe for your pet.

  • Care and compassion

If the establishment of a well-respected animal hospital can be traced back to its love for animals, it would be a good thing. It would be important that every doctor can care for and serve their patients.

 Especially when it comes to animals, we are more attached and sensitive to them. Choosing a veterinarian who gives you a different vibe from what you are used to might be a sign that they are only business-minded.

You never know how well your pet will be treated in such a place if your animal needs to be admitted to such a place.

You can be sure that you will receive the care and compassion you need from both the veterinarian and his or her assisted to make sure your pet is taken care of.

Before you step into a clinic, it is best to read reviews and ratings from other people to get an idea of how well they serve their customers.

  • Technology

Every hospital needs to constantly upgrade its medical equipment to keep up with the ever-changing technology.

You need to make sure you understand whether the vet you take your pet to uses the latest technology or if they are still using outdated treatments.

When it comes to your pet, technology can have a profound effect on whether they get the best treatment and the most accurate diagnosis of what is wrong.  

  • Large network

You should choose a veterinarian that offers a variety of pet care to get the best results. This way, the hospital will be able to solve even complicated problems that may arise.

However, if this is not the case, they should be able to provide you with information on where and how you can treat your pet as well as what it needs.

If they are experienced and possess the right network, they will be able to refer you to an advanced clinic that will cater to your particular needs.

  • Communication

When you visit a clinic for the first time, you will be able to see the level of communication and understanding you share almost immediately.

To know that your pet is in the right hands, you will need to be able to express yourself well and they will be able to follow you correctly. There is a special bond between pet owners and their pets.

There is no question that they need to save your pets as much as they would a family member. You are on your way to resolving your pet’s health issue if you can communicate with them effectively in an open way.

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