Bakharwal Dog in Pakistan

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 A famous dog with many positive qualities. The Bakharwal Dog is a very polite, intelligent, brave, and independent dog. This breed of dog is endangered now.

In this article, we are going to discuss the unique traits of this dog.

Bakharwal dog was bred by the Bakharwal and Gujjar tribes in the Himalayan region of Jammu and Kashmir. Bakharwal dogs have many other names.

 Bakharwal is called by many names like Kashmiri sheepdog, Gujjar dog, Gujjar Bakharwal, Kashmiri mastiff, and so on.

Bakharwal is considered as a most beautiful dog breed. They are called athlete dogs. It has very beautiful eyes.

History of Bakharwal:

 The people of Kashmir have affiliated many stories with the origin of Bakharwal. One of the most relevant facts is that they were cross-bred by a Tibetan Mastiff with an Indian Pariah dog breed by both tribes.

People also said that they derive from the old Molossus or sheepdog and Indian pariah dog.  

This breed is only found in the subcontinent. Countries outside neighboring countries of Pakistan are not familiar with this dog breed.

The British used this breed to pull luggage in the Himalayan region. Due to the strength of the Bakharwal dog, they are also used in military forces. They make them alert in their campsite area.

After the Kashmir dispute, all the Bakharwal were targeted by militants. They were killed so that they would not alert anyone around.

The remaining leaves the human company and start living in the forest. Some of the Bakharwal were found in rescue centers.

This breed is very difficult to breed or may have very slow breeding. This has made their population reduce massively. Now they are in danger of extinction.

The appearance of Bakharwal:

Bakharwal dog is not a height dog. Its height is not more than 30 inches. They are considered medium-sized to large size dogs.

It has a maximum weight of 50kg. The male dog has weight more than the female. The male dog’s weight varies between 40kg to 50kg. Whereas the weight of female Bakharwal varies from 35kg to 45 kg.

The height of the male Bakharwal is slightly different from females. The height of male Bakharwal varies between 26 inches to 30 inches. The female height is between 24inches to 28 inches.

It has very beautiful eyes which always stare at you. Sometimes they give you a loving glimpse to get food.

Due to high energy levels, they are always ready to do work. They want to play all the time. A chew toy is the best choice to make it happy. This will control their chewing habits.

The temperament of Bakharwal:

 They are well-behavioral dogs. The cute Bakharwal does well when left alone. Like other famous breeds of dogs, Bakharwal does not feel lonely.

They do not get depressed in absence of a human companion. If you are away from your pet, then provide him with a spacious place. They love to run around and pass their time by playing.

They are the best guard dogs. Although, Bakharwal dogs are friendly with other humans and animals.

 They are not friendly towards strangers. They do not let the stranger cross the limits until the owner is not allowed.

If they feel any type of danger, they will aware the whole family to get ready. They are always ready for the war.

Avoid letting them close to your children, they might injure them. They love it if you assign them the job of searching and finding.

At the Time when you open your door, Bakharwal will be ready with its neck up. Although they are independent they need you to pamper them sometime.

If they are free all time they become restless and become destructive.

Bakharwal dogs always try to please their master. Their independent nature creates problems in training.

You need to be patient to get your required output.

Food of Bakharwal:

 Bakharwal is an Indian breed. They love to eat our roti, vegetables, milk, and dairy products. Living in the streets makes their system strong.

They can digest all types of vegetarian food. Bakharwal dog loves eating all the time. Make sure you follow a proper diet plan advised by the vet.

Their diet must contain 50% carbohydrates depending upon their height and weight which includes 4% to 5% fibers, 30% proteins, and 10% vitamins, and minerals.

Avoid giving garlic, onion, and chili to your pooch. These things are poisonous to them.

Tomatoes must be avoided as they can cause severe indigestion.

Colors and Grooming of Bakharwal:

Bakharwal is easy to adopt as a pet. It required very less time to groom. Their grooming can be easily done at home. Some of the grooming tips are here.

  1. It is not easy to provide bath to Bakharwal often. They need a bath twice a month. Try to make them habitual of taking bath from the start.
  2. Brush their hair twice a week. Brushing their coat is very good as it regulates blood circulation. Regular brushing prevents the shedding of hair.
  3. Cleaning of ears and nose is also very important. These are the two areas where your pet may get the infection.
  4. Trimming of nails is also important for your pet’s health. When you hear the sound of nails clicking on the floor it’s time to trim nails.
  5. Try to clean their teeth regularly. Sometimes they get gums infection.

People Also Ask

Where do we find the Bakharwal breed?

The Bakharwal dog is found in northern India.

It is an old breed of dog found in Kashmir and across the Pir Panjal ranges.

Where it has been bred for many centuries by Bakharwal and Gujjar tribes. They are raised as a guard of livestock.

What is the price of a Bakharwal dog?

The average price of a Bakharwal dog starts from 10000 to 50,000 Rs.

How smart is the Bakharwal dog? Is the Bakharwal dog breed dumb or smart?

 It takes patience to teach this breed any tricks or commands. They understand and remember new commands after an average of 25-40 repetitions.

The Bakharwal dog ranks average in the intelligence ranking of dogs.

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