5 Best Cattle Farms in Lahore

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Cattle farming simply means a business that depends on raising animals. But the question is which animals are included in cattle farming? The animals like cows, bulls, oxen, and calves are included in cattle farming.

Then another question comes to mind. Why do we raise bulls, cows, buffalo, goats, and oxen? These animals play an important role in fulfilling our daily needs for dairy. The main purpose to raise these animals are dairy, beef, and leather.

As Lahore is the 42nd most populated city in the world. To fulfill the needs of densely populated cities there is a need for cattle farming.

Due to the increase in the population of Lahore cattle farming become a successful business in Lahore.

Before discussing the famous cattle farms of Lahore. Let me explain the animals and their breeding purpose.

 Now we’re going to discuss the famous cattle farms of Lahore.

Malik Cattle Farm.

This cattle farm is located in Lahore. It is famous for raising the best breed of bulls. The owner is Hafiz Irfan.

Every year they present the best bull in the market. Especially the event of Eid. They have bulls’ costs ranging from 0.25 million to 4 million.

They have bulls of different breeds like Sahiwal, Cholistani Brahman, and many unique cross breeds. They have bulls weighing 720 Kg to 1000Kg.

They use a special diet for bulls including fresh grass, milk, butter, and special care.

Malik farm also provides dairy products and claims that

“We are serving people by providing them pure milk. Without any kind of additions of chemical”

It is located in H7X3+54Q, Naain Sukkh Lahore Punjab.

2.T & J Cattle Farm:

This cattle farm is located in Lahore. It is famous for raising the best breed of Calves and Bulls. The owner’s name is Mustafa Kamal.

They are famous for supplying bulls and calves for meat and animals for special events.

They also raise cows and buffalo for dairy purposes. They have a special breed of Sahiwal and local cross-breeds.

T & J cattle farm also famous is to raise goats to slaughter on the event of Eid. They have almost 120 animals including bulls, calves, cow-for milk, and, goats.

It provides services to Lahore and nearby areas.

The location of the T & J cattle farm is adjacent to Elite Police Training Centre, near DHA Phase 9, Mota Singh Wala, Lahore, 54000

3. Mian Cattle Farm:

Mian cattle farm is founded by Mian Muhammad Boota and Muhammad Nouman. They started it as a business with only fifty animals.

They mainly raise bulls. They raise bulls with great love and care.

They claim that the bulls presented by their farm are unique and the heaviest bulls in the country.

Mian cattle farm provides specific feed in summer and winter.

In the summer, they feed with corn, maize, and grass pastures with or without protein and energy supplementation.

Mian cattle farm also provides cargo services with home delivery.

 They believe to feed the bull pure food. They use to feed maize, corn, and hay. To improve the weight of the bulls they give milk, butter, oil, and salt.

It is located at C42R+GQG, Mohlanwal, Lahore, Punjab.

4. Chaudhary Cattle Farm.

The Chaudhry cattle farm is originated by Imran Younis. Imran Younis has the professional skill to promote calve raising as a high-rank business.

Their cattle farming is based on raising calves and high-breed sheep. They have almost 141 bulls of Cholistani and Sahiwal, and some of them are dhani breeds.

They feed bulls on special feed with dry hay or wheat. Their feeding time is 8:00 am to 5:00 pm. They arranged a special building with all facilities required.

They prepare about 150 bulls and 100 sheep for the event of Eid event. The average cost per day is 270 Rs/animal.                                                                                                                                                                                                                    

Chaudhary farm is located near the Karmanwala stop, 3km from, Barki Road, Phase 7, and Lahore Punjab.

5. Apna Dairy & Cattle fattening Farm:

 This cattle farm provides beef and dairy products. The owner of this calf farm is an educated man. They claim that they have high-quality beef and dairy products.

They have a variety of breeds like Sahiwal and cross of local with foreign. The animals of this farm weigh 200kg to 800kg.

They prefer to feed wheat hay and special feed based on protein and calcium.

It is located in 9CRW+7QV, Lahore Punjab.


QNO.1: Which breed in Pakistan produces high-quality beef?

Answer:  The Sahiwal bull is considered one of the best breeds in Pakistan in producing high-quality beef.

QNO.2: What are the benefits of cattle farming?

Answer:  Cattle farming helps you earn an additional income. Producing good quality milk helps you make an additional income.

You can use your cattle for other agricultural activities, farming, and irrigation.

Cattle’s waste helps you enrich your soil and also acts as a source of biofuel.

Cows and Buffalo-Dairy.

To fulfill the daily needs of Lahore some cattle farmers raise cows and buffalos. These cows and buffalos can give birth and produce milk for their babies.

The milk from cows and buffalos is marketed for the needs of human beings. Cattle farmers specifically raise breed dairy cows to produce large amounts of milk.

The offspring of these cows are raised to fulfill the need for meat and leather.

Bulls & Calves-Beef.

Bulls and calves are raised to fulfill the need for meat. Some of the cattle farmers raise specifically for the need for meat.

As Lahore is a Muslim-oriented city. Cattle farmers specially breed unique animals on the Eid -ul –Adha to slaughter the animal.

Every cattle farm participates in the competition and tries to represent the best bull or calf in this event. The heaviest and most beautiful bulls were raised throughout the year.


Leather is a refined form of the skin of animals. It is also called a byproduct of the dairy and meat industry.

Leather is one of the sources of profit for cattle farmers. It is the skin of cows, bulls, calves, and sometimes goats.

Normally the skin of young calves is used for leather. When young calves are slaughtered for meat then their skin is used for leather.

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