Poultry Farming In Pakistan ( Ultimate Guide)

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How to start a control shed poultry farming in Pakistan

Poultry farming in Pakistan has grown significantly over the last decade. People in Pakistan are rushing to start poultry farming businesses due to their strong potential. In addition to commercial poultry farming, backyard poultry farming is also possible.

In Pakistan, it is one of the most vibrant segments of the agriculture industry. Approximately 1,5 million people rely on this sector for employment and income. It contributes 4.81% to agriculture growth and 9.84% to livestock growth. A total of 19% of the country’s meat is produced from poultry.

There are currently more than Rs. 200 billion invested in the poultry industry. Its inherent potential enables the poultry sector to grow at 8-10% annually.

This article will discuss the types of poultry farming in Pakistan.

Different Types of Poultry Farming in Pakistan

1. Free Range Poultry Farming in Pakistan

“Free-range” farms have animals roaming around outdoors for at least part of the day as opposed to being enclosed. At night, they are confined to an indoor area to protect themselves from predators. On free-range farms, poultry is allowed to roam freely throughout the day. As a result, they spend close to half their time outside.

Consequently, they spend a significant portion of their time outdoors. It is important that land in Pakistan be well-drained, well-ventilated, protected from wind, free of predators, and not too cold, hot, or damp to raise free-range poultry.

Low temperatures, excessive heat, or excessive humidity reduce birds’ productivity. It is common to apply chicken manure directly to crops raised on a free-range basis.

Despite being a very effective method for raising chickens, free-range farming has some downsides. This system makes poultry birds vulnerable to predation and disease transmission.

The meat of free-range chickens is tastier because they are happier and healthier. There is evidence that this results from low cortisol levels, which lead to hardening of meat, or better muscle development, which results in juicier meats.

2. Organic Poultry Farming in Pakistan

Unlike conventional poultry systems, organic poultry is never caged. Thus, the farm area must be appropriately managed and suitable vegetation to begin an organic poultry farm.

Having a proper shelter for the poultry and other features that encourage free-range poultry is essential to start an organic poultry farm in Pakistan. Alternatively, alternative arrangements could be arranged that comply with organic standards if natural water bodies are not accessible, such as streams and ponds.

In comparison with conventional and free-range poultry farms, an organic poultry farm has a much smaller flock size. Keeping a small number of birds on the farm involves using mobile housing units to transport the birds around during rotation. 

3. Battery Cage System in Pakistan

Many countries use the battery cage layer poultry rearing method. Metal cages are usually used in these systems. One cage can house between three and eight hens. Feces are typically dropped down a sloped wire mesh on the floor of the cages, which is generally made of mesh or solid metal.

The cage’s egg collecting conveyor belt collects all the eggs laid by the hens. This system provides food and water to the hens in front of them employing a long, bisected metal pipe or a long plastic pipe.

There are several rows of cages stacked one above the other. In a single shade, there can be several floors that can contain hundreds or even thousands of hens.

The light intensity should be kept below 10 lux to reduce feather and vent pecking.

If you are planning to start battery cage farming in Pakistan, keep in mind the points above.

4. Small Scale Poultry farming in Pakistan

The term family poultry refers to poultry kept on a small scale by households with family labor and utilizing locally available feed resources when possible. Chickens and their eggs are a major source of income for poultry farmers.

A small amount of protein is a valuable addition to the diet when consumed occasionally. Small-scale poultry farming provides a livelihood for millions of Pakistanis.

In villages, chickens are kept for meat and eggs. Small-scale poultry farming is associated with a lot of people from Pakistan’s villages.

Investment Required for Starting a Poultry Farm in Pakistan

A poultry farm in Pakistan costs around Pak Rs 60–70 million to build successful poultry farm with a controlled shed for 50,000 birds. There can only be good weight/health for birds in a controlled environment.

The market is very competitive as well, with the chicken mafia controlling the price of chicks one day old and each flock sold at its final price.


Globally, the poultry industry is one of the fastest-growing industries. Pakistan also has a prosperous poultry farming industry. You can choose from small-scale poultry farms to commercial poultry farms with built-in control sheds in Pakistan.

However, this is a delicate business, and you might suffer huge losses. It is always advisable to learn about poultry farming in Pakistan before you attempt to start one.

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