How to Start Australorp Farming in Pakistan

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How to Start Australorp Farming in Pakistan

The Australorp breed has become very popular in Pakistan because of their high egg-yielding capacity, for their meat as well as their ability to adapt to Pakistani conditions. Investing in dual-purpose breeds has the greatest business potential. Thus, in this article, we will discuss Australorp farming in Pakistan.

A mix between an Australian and an Orpington hen, Australorp means Black hen. The English Black Orpingtons were bred by Australian breeders in the early 1900s to produce the present Australorp.

During the 1920s, it gained worldwide recognition for laying magnificent eggs. It is very popular to keep Black Australorp chickens in the backyard.

In addition to being good-looking, hardy, easygoing, and prolific layers, Black Australorp chickens are also very popular for farming. As part of the Australian Poultry Standards, the Black Australorp is listed as one of the eight chicken breeds created in Australia.

The breed is usually black. It is also available in blue and white. Due to their prolific nature, however, starting a commercial poultry breeding business can be profitable as these birds lay plenty of eggs.

Additionally, they are excellent meat producers. When everything is managed correctly, Australorp farming in Pakistan can be a successful business.

How to Start Australorp Farming in Pakistan

It is very simple and easy to start a chicken farming business with the Black Australorp chicken, just like you would with any other domestic chicken breed.

Their well-behaved nature makes them very easy to take care of, and they are gentle and easy to care for.

From purchasing and caring for birds to marketing your product, we try to describe in this article more information about how to start and operate a successful Australorp farming in Pakistan.


The first step in starting a Black Australorp chicken farming business is to purchase very healthily, disease-free, and high-quality chickens. It is possible to start with chicks or chickens that are mature.

The chicks will need special care if you decide to raise them. Black Australorp chickens are among the most widespread species in the world.

Therefore, you should have no problem finding the birds. It might be possible for you to purchase them from a breeding farm or existing farm if you are in the area.

Local classified websites can also be a good resource. The Australorp hen for sale in Pakistan is at 120 Rs.

Australorp Housing System

The construction of a safe and comfortable residential area is imperative for successful Australorp farming in Pakistan. It is therefore important to build a house that is both safe and comfortable for your birds.

Due to their large size, Australorps need at least four-square feet each in their coop. If possible, choose a coop with ample space. Although these birds don’t attack people, they still value their privacy, which is why they should have lots of room to move around.

Ensure adequate flow of fresh air and light inside the house and install a good ventilation system when building the house. If you want to make cleaning easy, make sure to decorate the house in a way that facilitates it.


Feed 20% protein crumble to Black Australorp chickens during the first 16 to 18 weeks. They’ll be able to thrive and grow with this type of food.

Chicks are easier to feed if you give them crumbles or mashed potatoes. In the market, you can purchase ready-made or commercial chicken feeds for your chickens. You can also make your poultry feed.

Feed the chickens with a clean chicken feeder to prevent the feed from becoming contaminated. Your Australorps can also be allowed to browse your fields for hidden bugs and food.

Strawberry treats and fruity treats are also welcome. Additionally, they will be able to get their daily exercise if they are allowed to roam around.

The contaminated feed should never be given to chickens. Ensure that your chickens always have access to enough clean, freshwater when they need it.


Australorps require shade 24/7 due to the intense appearance of their black feathering. It is a hardy breed, but it suffers from heatstroke more easily than other chickens even though it is tolerant of the heat.

A variety of avian environments makes Australorps your best bet if you’re looking for an easygoing bird. Having been born and raised in England and Australia, they have no preference for a particular type of weather.

Despite the cold temperatures of winter, they continue to produce eggs. Their resistance to cold is high. Their ability to thrive in hot weather makes them an ideal breed to keep on a farm.

On the hottest days of the year, make sure there is enough shade for them to cool down. Provide them with shade when it’s hot.

Maintenance and Care

Fortunately, your black Australorp rooster won’t require too much care. For grooming, you need only use the same techniques you use for chickens. They’re also unlikely to be able to fly with their bodies being so heavy, so their wings won’t need to be clipped.

The Black Australorp is resilient and has an extremely long life expectancy. Additionally, they are highly resistant to many diseases that affect poultry.

In well-bred Black Australorp poultry, the incidence of physical abnormalities such as bent toes and twisted beaks is less. Chickens of the Black Australorp breed do not have any problems with cold weather and low temperatures.

Despite the variations in climate, they have been able to survive and reproduce in almost every environment. While it is important to provide additional care to ensure that the birds are in good health and are growing well.

Try to keep your birds healthy by taking good care of them. Make sure they are vaccinated appropriately and stay in contact with your local vet.

What Makes Australorps a Good Farm Animal?

Australorps are indeed an amiable and happy breed of chicken that produces plenty of eggs. They’ll serve you well for both purposes. Australorp meat is also known for its quality.

They are one of the better breeds to raise on your farm since they go well with other animals and children. There is no better choice among backyard chickens, whether you want to raise them to produce meat or eggs.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many eggs does Australorp lay on average each year?

A well-cared-for Australorp lays around 250 light-brown eggs a year. Aside from being good nest sitters and mothers, this large heritage utility breed is also a good mother. 

How does the comb of an Australorp look like?

There is only one red comb on an Australorp chicken. A rooster’s comb is taller and often brighter in color than a hen. The wattles of the roosters, the fleshy growths on each side of their beaks, are bigger and more vibrant as well.


About the nature of this breed of chicken, Australorp farming in Pakistan has a lot of potential. It possesses a variety of qualities that make it a great backyard poultry breed for Pakistan.

These hens can be used for egg-laying and meat production. As well as being highly resistant to harsh conditions, they are also durable. As a result, they can be taken care of quite easily.

Therefore, if you’re considering starting an Australorp poultry farm in Pakistan, you should read the above instructions article.

There are many ways to make a successful Australorp poultry farm in Pakistan, and this article will provide you with all the information you need.

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