Chicken Breeds in Pakistan ( Ultimate Guide)

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  There are hundreds of chicken breeds in Pakistan. Chickens are domesticated for hundreds of years. Breeding refers to mating chickens for increasing the quantity of the flock.

Another purpose of mating is for selecting a specific individual for betterment in one or more qualities (for size, weight, egg, plumage, or type of comb).   

If you want to hatch your chicks a rooster is necessary. The number of roosters per hen depends on the type of breed.

Typically 6-8 hens per rooster are enough. Too many roosters spend more time fighting and less on breeding.     

Some of the famous chicken breeds are Aseel chicken, Silkie, Ayam Cemani, Polish Chicken, Sebright Chicken, Shamo Chicken, and Cochin Chicken

Chicken breeding is a business term. Now, this business is increasing day by day. Chicken breeders take great interest in breeding a variety of chickens.

Now you must be thinking about how all breeds are different from each other? The answer is simple, we can classify chicken breeds in many ways.

According to the vet, we classify chicken breed in three ways,

  • Origin base.
  • Meat-producing breed.
  • Egg production breed.

Nowadays breeders prefer chicken breeds that are used for dual purposes. Dual means they are good for producing meat and eggs.

In this article, I will discuss chicken breeds famous in Pakistan.

Chicken Breed on Origin base.

If I classify chicken breeds according to origin base then the famous breeds of Pakistan are:

  1. Aseel
  2. Sindhi
  3. Golden Misri
  4. Lyallpur Silver Black.

Now I will discuss the personality traits of all one by one.

1. Aseel.

First of all, I will discuss the famous poultry breed of Pakistan. The origin of this breed lies in the Indian subcontinent. This breed is famous in Pakistan, especially in the Punjab region.

This breed is also considered a game bird. It is popular in Southeast Asia as a Thai gamer.

The important thing about Aseel is that it is not an egg-laying bird. This chicken breed is poor in egg-laying production.

The female Aseel is good at hatching eggs but not at laying eggs. The funny thing about the small Aseel breed is they lay only 6 eggs a year.

Although the larger Aseel breed is better than the small breed. They lay 40 eggs a year.

According to my experience, people use this breed mainly for cockfighting and somehow for meat.

The Aseel breed is quite expensive. Some of its species cost in lacs.

2. Sindhi Aseel

Let me clarify one thing. The name of chicken breeds is simply named after the area in which they are present.

The name Sindhi is the type of Aseel that is native to the Sindh province of Pakistan.

Sindhi breed is tall, heavy, and excellent in cockfighting. So they are mainly bred for cockfighting.

The characteristics of this breed are similar to a handsome wrestler.

They have muscular, compact bodies, broad shoulders, and hard feathers. The wings are carried against the body. Their beautiful colored tail drops downward. A large strong curved beak is similar to Eagle’s beak.

The price of Sindhi Aseel varies in different parts of Pakistan. The minimum cost is 5000 and the maximum is 50,000 rupees.

They are considered excellent game birds. If you ever get a chance to see their fight don’t miss it.  

3. Golden Misri

Some people consider the Golden Misri and Desi chicken breeds the same. No, they are not the same, there are some differences between them.

The golden Misri hens are egg-laying hens. But they are not good brooding hens. For brooding, Desi hens are good.

 They are easy to breed. Most people raise chickens as pets in their backyard. This specie is used for the dual purpose of meat and eggs.

The price of golden Misri and Desi is 500 to 5000 rupees.

4. Lyallpur Silver Black.

 It is also another famous breed of Pakistan. It is a dual-purpose breed and popular in rural areas of Punjab. It is native to Faisalabad city of Punjab.

Lyallpur silver Black breed is the result of breeding of Desi Chicken with three imported breeds namely, Cornish, Hampshire, and Leghorn.

The objective was to develop a breed that could survive under the environmental conditions of rural areas.

They are capable of producing more eggs per year. As compared to 50 eggs of the Desi breed.

Lyallpur silver Black produces 150 eggs per year. They are also famous for the production of meat.

They are selected for better comb size and body weight.

Best Egg-Production breeds.

 There are so many chicken breeds that have good egg-producing hens. I choose the top 5 chicken breeds.

  1. Golden Comet chicken breed.

This breed of hens lays 250 to 300 eggs per year.

  • Sussex Chicken Breed

This breed of chickens lays 250 eggs annually.

  • The Rhode Island Red Chicken Breed

This breed of chicken lays 260 eggs in a year.

  • Lohmann Brown Classic Chicken Breed.

This breed of chicken lays 313 eggs in a year.

  • Australorp Chicken Breed

This unique chicken breed lays a maximum number of eggs. They lay 364 eggs in a year.

 All the types we have discussed as origin base chicken breeds. All of these are considered the best meat-producing chicken breeds.

People also ask.

How do people import chicken in Pakistan?

Pakistan is self-sufficient in chickens. However, some foreign franchises might be importing chicken products.

 The poultry industry also imports chicken eggs to mix with local breeds to improve them.

What is the popular pet in Pakistan?

Chicken and cocks poultry farming is widely popular in Pakistan. The people of Pakistan also keep chickens as pets too.

They adopt chicken due to less cost. Chickens need less space and can adjust to any environment.

This pet is famous in lower and middle-class families.

What is the most expensive chicken breed?

You will be surprised to know the price of chicken. The price of the most expensive chicken is 10 lac or 5000$.

This is a fairly rare and expensive breed of chicken. It is a black color breed called Ayam Cemani. 

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