Royal Canin Cat Food ( Ultimate Guide)

Last Updated on March 9, 2023 by Dr. Ali Shahid

In the pet food domain, nobody can deny the name of Royal Canin. Royal Canin cat foods are making a better world for cats for more than 50 years. There are several products offered by Royal Canin according to nutritional needs.

In Pakistan, Royal Canin is available as a kitten and adult cat food. You can easily find it in the market at an expected price of 3000 Rs. up to 7000 Rs. Royal Canin formulates all of the cat food range according to the cat’s age and nutrient requirements.

The precise and effective nutritional composition of Royal Canin cat foods is the base of its quality. Royal Canin cat foods are widely in use by cat owners across the world. This brand has gained appreciation because of its top-notch ingredients and composition.

Royal Canin Kitten Dry Cat Food

Caring for kittens at the weaning stage requires proper care and nutrition. Royal Canin kitten cat food is an exclusive blend of a complete diet for growing cats. This food supports the developing immune systems of kittens with plenty of vitamins and antioxidants.

Moreover, Royal Canin kitten cat food can supply the perfect combination of proteins and fibers. The food has prebiotics to help the natural gut flora to grow and nourish for a healthy digestive system.

Royal Canin makes sure the food your kitten eats has high chewability and digestibility. Therefore, the kibbles are easy to chew and don’t get harsh on the developing teeth. Royal Canin kitten food nourishes and develops all the body systems of cats in the right way.

Royal Canin Adult Cat Food

Apart from kitten foods, Royal Canin is progressing to make high-quality adult foods. In that respect, there is a wide range of their adult cat product line. Each one has a special feature according to the cat’s needs while delivering optimal nutrition.

Royal Canin Digestive Care

As the name signifies, digestive care is designed for maximizing gut health. This food is very ideal for cats suffering from GIT disturbances. The added prebiotics and fibers enhance the health of the intestines and improve stool passage.

Royal Canin Digestive Care has ring shape kibbles that are suitable for digestion. The veterinarians recommend mixing it with Royal Canin digest-sensitive wet food. This way, your cat will be able to get the utmost benefits and good digestion status.

Royal Canin Hair & Skin Care

The shiny fur and healthy skin are the landmarks of the charming beauty in cats. According to a study by Royal Canin in 2015, RC Hair & Skin Care can improve fur quality significantly. This food also carries out the maintenance of the skin by helping in creating the skin’s protective barrier.

Dandruff and dull hair coat leave your cat with bad fur. Royal Canin Hair & Skin Care makes sure these problems don’t prevail in your cat. The food induces its effects by supplying necessary nutrients to the skin and helping in hair growth from hair follicles.

Royal Canin Weight Care

Feline obesity is a major problem in cats that causes a lot of health issues in adult age. Royal Canin Weight Care contains additional fiber that provides the gut-fill effect. You can use this food if your cat is overweight and has abnormal fat metabolism.

RC Weight Care has L-carnitine that improves fat metabolism and liver function. This will help the cat to achieve lean body mass with no excessive fat deposition. Therefore, Royal Canin Weight Care limits additional weight gain and prevents future feline obesity.

Royal Canin Hairball Care

Cats have a natural habit of grooming themselves through licking. This leads to the formation of hairballs inside their stomach and digestive sensitivities. Royal Canin Hairball Care has a specific formula that aids in the passing of hairballs through the digestive tract.

By providing this food, you can manage the hairball regurgitation problem in cats. Cat owners in Pakistan use Royal Canin Hairball Care as a treatment formula a resort of hairballs. You can complement it with RC Hairball Gravy for more beneficial effects.

Final Words

Royal Canin cat foods are among the best pet foods available in Pakistan. Apart from the types mentioned above, the list goes on with breed-specific cat foods. They have everything you need from dry cat foods to wet foods and veterinary formula foods.

If you’re an existing cat owner or planning to get one, make sure to invest in Royal Canin foods. Not only these foods are ideal to support the digestive system of cats but also take care of their immunity and health.

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