Josera Cat Food in Pakistan ( Vet’s Opinion)

Last Updated on March 9, 2023 by Dr. Ali Shahid

Josera is a German Pet food brand that produces first-class cat foods. The company came into existence 80 years ago and makes food with excellent digestibility. Josera cat food is available in Pakistan in the price range of 4000 Rs. to 5000 Rs.

If you are someone who is looking to get the best-quality food, Josera can be your next choice. The super-premium nutrition by Josera is an appropriate option to invest in. Josera cat foods cover all the nutritional aspects and fulfill the energy requirements of cats at any stage of life.

The company not only makes food for cats but also for dogs and horses. With more than 80 years of experience in the pet food market, you can trust Josera for its top-notch foods. There are several variations of Josera cat food available across Pakistan.

Josera Kitten Dry Food

Growing kittens need more than just the mother’s milk to develop properly. Josera kitten food has all the nutrition a growing cat needs for a healthy body. The food has an appropriate ratio of energy and proteins for muscle and bone development in cats.

Josera Kitten possesses highly digestible ingredients that don’t cause any side effects. The food is free from artificial flavors and has high energy content. Choosing Josera kitten means you’re taking the right step for the better health and immunity of your furry kittens.

Josera kitten food offers raw materials as an optimal light diet for cats with sensitive stomachs. The added benefit of the fiber reduces hairball formation and increases its passage through the gut. Besides, your kittens will develop better skin and fur because of the minerals & vitamins.

Josera Catelux Adult Cat Food

Choosing the right type of feed can be cumbersome when you don’t know about the right options. Josera Catelux cat food has the perfect combination of poultry meat to nourish adult cats in every possible way.

The extreme hairball prevention property of Josera Catelux works in multiple ways. First, the food has high dietic fiber to encourage the hairball passage through the intestines. Second, the added vitamins and minerals blend lets your cat grow healthy hair follicles and skin.

Another great benefit of Josera Catelux is the appropriate ratio of calcium and phosphorous. The magnesium is low in the amount that puts less stress on the urinary system of adult cats. Josera Catelux maintains the optimum urine pH to reduce the formation of kidney and bladder stones.

Josera Daily Cat Dry Food

Many adult cats have poor digestibility for cat foods that contain grains. Josera Daily Cat is the number one choice in Pakistan for indoor and outdoor cats. The addition of 130 grams of poultry meat for 100 grams of kibbles is a solid combination for growth and development.

The fatty acid content of Josera Daily Cat comes from salmon to provide additional benefits. Adult cats especially benefit from this food because of the selected herbs and healthy fruits. Josera Daily Cat is highly digestible and doesn’t hinder gut motility.

Josera Josicat Sterilised Classic

Castrated cats have different dietary requirements because of the higher growth rates. Josicat Sterilised Classic is a must-food to have with a carefully chosen nutritional profile. The overall protein content of this food comes from 86% of animal origin.

Josicat Sterilised Classic stimulates the metabolism of castrated cats through low-fat percentages. Your spayed and neutered cats have healthy weight gain with the perfect blend of carbs and proteins. Additionally, Josicat Sterilised Classic maintains urine pH within optimal ranges.

Final Verdict

Josera cat foods play a huge role in keeping your young and adult cats healthy and well. These foods are especially important for supplying all the essential nutrients. For every cat lover, Josera has made the availability of their specific product lines.

Using Josera cat food in the daily routine of cats will benefit them in multiple ways. This includes a healthy gastrointestinal system and shiny hair coat. Besides, Josera adjusts the mineral and vitamin content of cat foods to support healthy metabolism and immunity.

Apart from the other competitors in the market, Josera is an ideal choice for cats. The whole cat food range follows the nutritional recommendation of cats at different life stages. Your furry friends will live the best of their life after feasting the deliciousness of Josera cat foods.

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