Monello cat food in Pakistan

Last Updated on March 9, 2023 by Dr. Ali Shahid

Monello cat food is a remarkable addition to the line of top-notch cat foods in Pakistan. This cat food is manufactured in Brazil and offers complete nutrition to cats. Many pet owners are especially attracted to the taste and nutritional benefits of Monello cat food.

Cats need a well-formulated and balanced diet to thrive and survive. Today’s pet food market is filled with countless cat food brands. Unfortunately, many of them don’t comply with the proper nutritional guidelines for cats.

Monello cat food

In this aspect, Monello cat food has everything your cat needs for growth and development. This food is available for kittens and adults and helps your cat to stay healthy and playful. Let’s go through the benefits and reasons why Monello cat food is a better choice.

Monello cat food in Pakistan

Excellent Nutrient Profile

The digestibility of any cat food depends on the optimal nutrient composition. Monello cat food contains good amounts of protein, carbs, and fiber. Crude protein is highly important for muscular growth in cats of all stages.

Monello kitten cat food has 34% crude protein to supplement complete nutrition. On the other hand, Monello adult cat food has 32% CP. The amount is adjusted based on the high muscular growth in the case of kittens.

As for as the crude fat is concerned, it is around 12% in Monello cat food. Fat supplies valuable fatty acids such as omega 3 & 6 to the cats. Besides, fats are highly enriched with energy content to carry your cat throughout the day.

Fiber plays a vital role in regulating the digestive health of cats. Cats that have fiber deficiency in their diet are more prone to the development of diarrhea and stomach upset. Monello cat food contains 3% fiber in it which is enough for fulfilling kitten and adult cat needs.

Palatable Flavors

Cats often reject dry foods that don’t have suitable flavors. Monello kitten cat food comes in salmon and chicken flavors. The food has a high-grade palatability index and is well-liked by cats in their younger age.

On the other hand, Monello adult cat food contains salmon, tuna, and chicken flavors. The kibbles have an appropriate size and cats can chew them easily. The factor of ideal kibble size is crucial for the overall digestibility of Monello cat food.

Antioxidants and Urine Support

Monello cat food possesses a good portion of necessary antioxidants and amino acids. The added Taurine is ideal for the eyes and nervous system of cats. This essential amino acid is also necessary for early brain and cognitive function development in kittens.

At the same time, the antioxidants prevent cellular degeneration and skin issues. There is a tremendous improvement in the fur health and shininess of cats. Your kitty will become fluffier because of the good hair follicles growth and nourishment.

If your cat has a urine stone development issue, Monello cat food is your best bet. The food aids in changing the urine pH under the optimal range. This way, the chances of urinary calculi development are greatly reduced.

Apart from that, there are no added flavors or preservatives in Monello cat food. Many cat owners are satisfied even after prolonged use of this food. I am sure your cat will develop better and stay healthy throughout life.

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