Birbo Cat Food in Pakistan

Last Updated on March 9, 2023 by Dr. Ali Shahid

If you own a cat, choosing between numerous cat foods is confusing. Every cat food shouts some fancy words just like human food. Birbo cat food can eliminate your confusion as it contains complete nutrition for cats of any stage.

In Pakistan, every pet store is surrounded by countless cat food brands. Birbo cat food is your solution and is easily available all across the country. You can get this food at an affordable price rate depending on the weight of the food bag.

In this article, I’ll help you out why Birbo cat food is an excellent food for your playful kitties. The company manufactures this food according to the life stages of cats. Besides, Birbo cat food is well-formulated to serve your cats with all the nutritional requirements.

Birbo Kitten Cat Food

Kittens are lovely, aren’t they? Well, to keep them growing and stay helpful, they need proper nutrition. Birbo kitten cat food makes sure of that as it is made according to their requirements. The first aspect is the supply of valuable crude protein and fats.

Birbo kitten cat food supplies 34% protein from natural animal sources. This will let your kitten gain a healthy weight and a stronger immune system. At the same time, food aids a lot in keeping the heart and brain healthy through taurine.

The organ systems of cats are still in the developmental phase in their early life. Birbo kitten cat food has essential minerals and vitamins to nourish the urinary system of cats. Besides, the crude fiber will keep the digestive system of kittens running perfectly.

Birbo Adult Cat Food

There is a nutritional variation between kittens and adult cats. Birbo Adult cat food comes in a mixed chicken, beef, and fish flavor. The food has excellent palatability and digestibility index. Choosing Birbo adult cat food is your best choice for your beloved furballs.

The selected ingredients in Birbo adult cat food come from natural sources. The food doesn’t contain any harmful additives that cause stomach upset. Besides, the kibble size is smaller and enhances the chewing behavior in adult cats.

Birbo adult cat food takes special care of the cardiovascular and vision of cats. If you’re concerned about the presence of vitamins and minerals., you don’t need to worry. Birbo adult cat food is enriched with a daily supply of everything a cat needs to grow to the fullest.

Birbo Sterilized Adult Cat Food

Sterilized or castrated cats need special nutritional care after the procedure. This is especially important for male cats who are prone to urinary obstructions. Birbo sterilized adult cat food contains urine pH-balancing ingredients to counter urinary problems.

At the same time, this food supplies all the other nutrients in the recommended amounts. Nutritionists pay special attention to the daily requirements of sterilized cats. Therefore, Birbo sterilized cat food is an ideal choice if you have a neutered indoor male cat.

To sum this up, Birbo cat food is an astounding choice in the line of best cat foods available in Pakistan. Not only this cat food provides essential benefits but also improves the cognitive functions of cats. You can grab it from your nearest pet store and offer it in recommended feeding amounts.

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