MERA Cat Food in Pakistan

Last Updated on March 9, 2023 by Dr. Ali Shahid

In the world of numerous cat foods, MERA cat food is the one you can trust for your kitty’s health. MERA cat food is a perfect combination of all the essential nutrients a cat requires in life. In Pakistan, MERA cat food is easily available in a price range of 2000 Rs.

Pet nutritionists especially focus on the quality, and quantity of ingredients used. Therefore, MERA cat food fulfills all the requirements and individual needs of cats. This food contains no additives that create trouble for the tummy of your furry friends.

MERA Cat Food in Pakistan

MERA cat food is available as all-stage food and they also have separate products for kittens and adults. Nevertheless, this food is extremely palatable and many cat owners are happy with it. Let’s dive into some of the prominent aspects of providing MERA cat food.

High-Grade Raw Ingredients

MERA cat food is made and processed in Germany. The company makes sure you feed your cat with only the best quality ingredients. MERA uses superior raw materials that come from all-natural sources.

Both MERA Exklusiv and Finest Fit have top-notch palatability. MERA Exklusiv is an adult cat food that can support the digestive and metabolic functions of cats. Similarly, MERA Kitten is the finest choice for early kitten development.

Perfect Nutrient Formulation

Let’s talk about why MERA is loved by cat owners so much. Animal nutritionists pay close attention to what is included in this feed. The food contains 32% animal-source protein that can support kittens’ and adults’ muscle development.

The 14.5% fat and 4% crude fiber can provide energy and good gut motility. The fat will add the necessary fatty acids required by the cells to provide energy. The omega-3 & 6 improve the fur of cats to a whole new level of fluffiness and softness.

The carbohydrate content of MERA cat food is perfectly adjusted according to the life stage of cats. Looking at this profile, you can have an idea about the superior quality of MERA cat food. There are no artificial attractants and flavors that cause side effects in cats.


Additional Vitamins & Minerals

No cat food is ideal if it doesn’t contain the essential vitamins & minerals. MERA cat food contains both fat- and water-soluble vitamins. Vitamins are also important in regulating many enzymatic and body functions in cats.

The high animal protein content is adjusted with low magnesium in MERA cat food. The food has ideal calcium and phosphorous percentage to support the skeletal and muscular systems. The low sodium in MERA cat food puts less stress on the renal system of cats.

Final Words

This is not the end of the list as MERA cat food is further enriched with 16% animal byproducts such as poultry. Besides, there are valuable 0.2% salmon oil and 0.15% Sunflower oil as vegetable byproducts.

So, if you are looking for suitable cat food, MERA is your best bet. This food is readily available all across Pakistan at every prominent pet store. With that being said, I recommend you to try MERA’s Exklusiv and the finest fit for your little fur balls.

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