Reflex Cat Food in Pakistan

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Reflex cat food is the product of Lider Pet Foods, Turkey. Tavas Pet and Sera Pet led the foundation of Lider Pet Foods in 2019. The food helps your cat to stay in the best health at every stage of life. Reflex cat food is available in Pakistan in a price range of 3000 to 4500 Rs.

Cats require a balanced mix of all the nutrients and minerals throughout their lifetime. Your furry pets need these ingredients to grow a stronger and better immune system. Reflex cat foods are available in different variants to fulfill these needs at every life stage.

The processing and manufacturing of Reflex cat food are under the supervision of animal nutritionists. Lider has put significant effort into developing this brand and staying competitive in the pet food market.

In Pakistan, Reflex cat food is available in two main variations; Reflex and Reflex Plus. Both of these have further flavor divisions according to the life stages. As a veterinarian, I recommend Reflex to every new and existing cat owner.

Reflex Cat Foods & Potential Benefits

Lider formulated many different types of Reflex cat foods to meet the life stage requirements. Apart from regular food, they have a separate category of foods based on health status. Below are the prominent and most-selling reflex cat food types available.

Reflex Adult Chicken Cat Food

Reflex Adult Cat Food has all the amazing nutrients your cat requires for proper growth. The food contains 32% raw chicken protein with added vitamin supplements. Lider uses flaxseeds as the primary source of Omega 3 & 6.

Reflex adult cat food provides good immune support and strengthens the bones and muscles. The beta-glutens and CitriStim are yeast sources that help the cat in achieving shiny fur and skin. The food contains all the minerals and multivitamins such as A, D, C, and B complexes.

Reflex Kitten Chicken Cat Food

You need a well-balanced diet in the case of kittens as their development is in progress. There is a dire need to add the nutrients for initial growth stages of kittens. Reflex Kitten chicken cat food has a Yucca plant that enhances the absorption of nutrients.

Through the balanced mix, all of the nutrients are readily available for the kitten to digest. The pathogenic properties of mannan oligosaccharide protect kittens from pathogens. The addition of immune-friendly yeast and 37% protein develops your kitten like no other food can.

Reflex Plus Adult Cat Food

Lider invested a significant amount of work in developing better cat foods. Reflex Plus is their newer product line with many additional benefits. This food features Super XOS Prebiotics to improve digestive efficiency.

At the same time, Reflex Plus helps prevent obesity and glycemia due to Xylo-oligosaccharides. The beneficial gut bacteria use the XOS prebiotics to enhance gut health. Using Reflex Plus cat food provides antioxidant effects and prevents numerous digestive diseases.

Reflex Plus Kitten Cat Food

Reflex plus kitten cat food

Kittens have an underdeveloped gastric and immune system at an early age. They require a diet that supports the body’s systems as well as provides balanced nutrition. Reflex Plus Kitten cat food ensures your kitten grows at a faster pace and has a functioning gut.

This food contains around 36% crude protein for healthy muscles and bone formation. Reflex Plus Kitten food has XOS also to reduce anaerobic fermentation and intestinal bloating. Your furry kitten will now be able to better digest and absorbs all the nourishment.

Reflex Plus Urinary XOS Adult Cat Food

Urinary issues occur more commonly in the case of adult male cats. Reflex Plus Urinary cat food reduces problems such as urine retention, blockage, and urinary stones in cats. This food is low in magnesium and other salts that cause stone formation in the bladder.

The protein content of Reflex Plus Urinary is 92% from animal sources. It balances the pH of urine at a balanced level to maintain urinary health. If you have a cat with recurrent urinary issues, I suggest you go for Reflex Plus Urinary cat food.

Are There Any Disadvantages of Using Reflex Cat Food?

Lider released other reflex products such as sterilized adult cat foods and multi-color. Nevertheless, every food is according to the stage and health status of cats. I don’t observe any negative sides of reflex food in cats after using it for longer periods.

There are several reflex cat food variants available in the market. Reflex cat food is an excellent choice for every cat owner. It possesses everything an adult and a developing cat needs to stay healthy and live life to the fullest.

Final Thoughts

Reflex cat food is a brilliant and cost-effective food in comparison to other competitors in Pakistan. It is a healthy blend of protein, minerals, and vitamins. You can also find lamb and fish-flavored reflex cat foods according to your cat’s taste preferences.

Summing this up, I hope this article makes everything to you regarding Reflex cat food by Lider. In case you’re wondering about the amount to feed, Reflex foods added a convenient feeding amount chart based on the cat’s weight.

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