Pug dog in Pakistan

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Pug Dog in Pakistan

Pug dog in Pakistan

Pugs are the perfect pets because of their sweet faces and loving personalities. They
are considered members of the American Kennel Club’s Toy group and have a great
sense of humor and enjoy showing off. Pug dogs in Pakistan have also become
extremely popular due to their serious and relaxed nature, as well as their robustness
and ease of maintenance.
They thrive in various environments because they’re highly adaptable and full of
character. The playful nature of the breed makes it a favorite dog of families with young
children and older children alike.
The wrinkles on these naughty dogs’ faces may give the impression that they are sad
on the outside, but they are laughing on the inside. It is because of their fun personality
that these dogs continue to be so popular.


Pugs are among the oldest breeds of dogs and originate from China. The dogs were bred to serve as companions to the wealthy.

Toy dogs with flat faces, such as the pug, were popular with Chinese emperors 2,000 years ago and lived a luxurious life.

In the 1500s, trading ships brought the little dogs to Holland. The Chinese were the breeders of three different types of short-nosed dogs, including pugs.


Pugs have rather square bodies coupled with a very round head and an elongated face that is smooth, wrinkled, and flat.

Its head is relatively massive in comparison to the rest of its body, and it has short legs and a short back.

This vertical wrinkle on the forehead is traditionally referred to as the “prince mark” since it resembles the Chinese character for “prince.

A protruding eye makes it more susceptible to trauma. Their tail is tightly curled over their hips. It has a dense double coat.

There are a variety of colors, including fawn, silver, and black. Except for the black dogs, all the dogs have dark ears and masks. Their ears feel as though they are made of velvet.

Weight: 8 Kg- 12 Kg 

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