Alabai dogs in Pakistan

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Alabai dog breed, also known as the Central Asian Shepherd Dog, is a large, powerful, and independent dog breed. They are also known as Central Asian Ovcharka, Middle Asian Ovcharka, and Mid-Asian Shepherds. Genetic studies have proven that these pups are one of the oldest breeds, dating back over 5,000 years. Alabai dogs in Pakistan are one of the most sought-after local dog breeds.

  Alabai Dogs also exhibit self-confidence, balance, quietness, and pride. In addition to being extremely courageous, they possess a high working ability, endurance, and a strong understanding of territory.

Predators of large size do not frighten them. The Central Asian Shepherd Dog is a natural protector and requires constant attention throughout its life.

Alabai dogs in Pakistan

History of Alabai dogs

The Alabai dog is among the oldest dogs in the modern era. During the past 10,000 years, they resided in rural areas of Russia, Kazakhstan, and Kyrgyzstan.

Although it is impossible to fully know their history, many believe they may be descended from Tibetan Mastiffs crossed with other Central Asian guard dogs.

The practice of dogfighting is a tradition in many countries, and certain breeds of dogs guard their livestock and defend their owners.

Breeds of indigenous Livestock Guardian dogs in that region have strong genetic similarities to this breed.

It has survived extreme climate conditions and predators in the wild. Humans realized their value and kept them as pets.

The dogs aren’t considered high-energy breeds, but they can endure and work for long periods.


The first thing you will notice about the Alabai dog is its large size. There is a great deal of variation in this breed, but certain traits are present in every individual.

They have proportionately large heads and bodies. Alabai dogs have small ears, but their dark eyes are deeply set in their heads.

They have a broad body, a muscular rump, and broad hindquarters. The length of their bodies tends to be longer than their heights.

They have a long tail by nature, but this characteristic is trimmed in many countries among the working population.

They have dense, straight hair in their fluffy coats. It is possible to order nearly every color and combination, but blue, brown, and livers are not available.

For insulation, they have a double coat consisting of a hard, outer layer and a soft, undercoat.

Weight: 60-100 Kg 

Height: 28–37 Inches

Price: The Alabai dog for sale price in Pakistan ranges between 22000-45000Rs.

Life Span: The average life span of an Alabai dog is 12 -14 years.


This breed is known for being confident, independent, and proud. These dogs are known not to back down if a predator approaches.

Territorial in nature, they will ensure their lands are free of critters and predators. This breed is loyal to its family and protects them.

When they are with their family, they can be affectionate but cold with strangers. It can withstand cold weather and is sturdy.

Most people think of them as quiet dogs, but when strangers approach, they will bark.

Outside, they will often be active and observant, but indoors, they will be more mellow and receptive.


Health issues may occur in all breeds. The Central Asian Shepherd Dog inherits fewer genetic disorders than many man-made breeds, but natural selection plays an important role in hip dysplasia clearance.

Working with a responsible breeder will provide valuable information about the health concerns of Central Asian Shepherd Dogs.

Breeders who use genetic testing on their breeding stock reduce the likelihood of diseases in their puppies.


Despite their tendency to shed excessively during shedding season, these dogs generally only require brushing every few weeks.

It’s vital to begin routine grooming early in the life of a dog, such as brushing its coat, brushing its teeth, and clipping its claws.

A dog that has not been socialized will likely become intolerant of even the simplest tasks as an adult.

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