Belgium Shepherd Dog in Pakistan

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The Belgian Shepherd, also known as the Belgium Sheepdog, is a herding dog with highly diversified and intellectual traits unmatched by any other breed. It is an intelligent and hardworking breed. Unlike many dogs, these sensitive souls hate to be neglected and desire human companionship. The Belgium Shepherd dogs in Pakistan have gained a lot of attention over the years.

Belgium Shepherd dog in Pakistan

History of Belgium Shepherd

The Belgian shepherd dog was developed into four varieties in the late 1800s. It is the only breed with four varieties worldwide:

  • Malianis with a short, red, fawn, or grey coat
  • Groenendae the black, long-haired dog
  • ‘Tervueren’ is a long-haired fawn with a red or a grey coat
  • ‘Laekenois’ is a rarer reddish-fawn with rough-coated fur.

In the United States, all breeds except the Laekenois are recognized individually by the American Kennel Club, whereas all four types are recognized as one by the United Kennel Club. In World War I, they pushed ambulances and machine guns carts, and carried messages.


The Belgian Shepherd is a medium-sized breed that is athletic and built for strength. Its head is long, slim, and, with its wide muzzle and long, triangular ears, rounded at the base, and has an erect look.

The black coat covers the entire body, from the collar of the neck to the hind legs, and the dark eyes sparkle with questioning intelligence. Among the four varieties, there are three with long hair, one with short hair, and one with rough hair.

Long-haired dogs have a long, smooth coat. Short-haired dogs have a shorter coat on their faces, ears, and legs. The coat of a rough-haired dog is long, dry, and rough all over.

Weight: 27.5-28.5 Kg 

Height: 24–26 in 

Sale price in Pakistan: The Belgium Shepherd dog ranges between 10000-80000Rs.

Life Span: The average life span of Belgium Shepherd is 1-14 years.

Personality or Behavior

Belgian Shepherd exhibit traits such as intelligence, bravery, alertness, and devotion to their families. When not under control, he seems to be constantly moving. Because of his herding heritage, this breed is naturally suspicious of strangers despite having excellent observation skills.

The distrust he feels may lead to aggressive behaviors if he isn’t properly socialized and trained. When well-socialized and well-trained, they are known for being loyal and dedicated guardians of their families and property.

When he knows people, especially his family, he is affectionate and friendly. This breed prefers to be with the family, he does not like being left alone. Training and playing with him regularly will keep him mentally stimulated.

Grooming and Health

Belgium Shepherds are healthy and robust dogs. In general, you should check his ears for signs of infection and brush his teeth frequently as well. As long as it is not shedding season, you can easily keep the double-layer coat of a Belgian Shepherd in good shape. They shed heavily about once every year. They should have their nails trimmed regularly, as with all breeds.

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