Army Dog Center Peshawar

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If you face any problems regarding theft, robbery, kidnapping, and any other crime. You will approach police or security services.  

Army dog center uses different breeds of dogs for training. It includes Doberman, Pitbull dog, German shepherd, Dogo Argentino dog, Belgian Shepherd, boxer, and Rottweiler.

Army Dog Center Peshawar

Yes, the most efficient animal is the dog. Army dog center Peshawar plays a vital role in the detection of criminals.

Army Dog Center Peshawar not only uses dogs for the detection of criminals. They also provide services to train the dogs.

They have the best trainers to train different breeds of dogs. Do all dogs have the ability to train? As guard dogs, tracker dogs, or common command-trained dogs.

Army dog center uses different breeds of dogs for training. Like a Doberman dog, Pitbull dog, German shepherd dog, Dogo Argentino dog, Belgian Shepherd, boxer, and Rottweiler.

Location and Contact:

 In case of Murder, theft, robbery, or kidnapping. They provide the best sniffer dogs and detective dogs. They not only provide services in Peshawar but all over Pakistan.

They use dogs when cases get complicated and criminals are too sharp. When the police get disappointed then sniffer dogs help them.

With the strong ability to smell the dogs solved the case easily. They provide 24 hours service.

Location: 2G8F+3X3, Tahkal, Peshawar, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa

Contact: 0300 2937638

You can contact me on social media as well. They have Facebook and Instagram accounts

Army Dog Training Center.

The army dog center Peshawar also provides services for the training of dogs.

They offer services for

  1. Common command dogs.
  2. Guard dogs
  3. Mine detection dogs
  4. Narcotics sniffing dogs

The well-trained staff in the art of training and breeding dogs. Now we discuss the breed and use of each type of dog.

Common Command dogs:

Pakistani shepherd dog is commonly used to train for common commands. Tyson the Pakistani shepherd is a very intelligent dog.

He is alert and active while performing commands. They take very less time to learn tricks.

Army dog center train dog for common command in 45 days. They almost learn 10 to 12 commands these days.

The cost of training a dog mostly depends on the type of breed. If it is a stray and rescue dog then it takes more time.

They normally charge 10 to 15 thousand for common commands.

If your dog is from special breeds with quality traits then less time is required.

If the dog is from the following list then they learn easily and less cost will be demanded. Special breeds are Doberman dog, Pitbull dog, German shepherd dog, Dogo Argentino dog, Belgian Shepherd, boxer, and Rottweiler.

Guard dogs

Army dog centers also train dogs as guards. They prefer to train German shepherd dogs, Dogo Argentino dogs, Belgian Shepherd, boxers, and Rottweiler.

The German shepherd is a superb dog for a guard. He is one of the most outstanding guard breeds in Pakistan.

Its boldness and reliability have no limits. It will put its own life in danger for the sake of the owner. It is easy and simple to train.  

They are well trained in how to guard. They will not jump on any person who walks toward the house until not feel in danger.

The height of the German shepherd is 22 to 26 inches and the weight is 50 to 90 pounds. The life span of a German shepherd is 7 to 10 years.

The Rottweiler is also the best breed for a guard.

The cost of training depends on the breed. On average they charge 20 to 25 thousand for guard training.

Army dog center trained dog for the guard in one month time.

 Mine detection dogs

 The most common type of dogs used to train for mine detection are

  • Belgian Malinois
  • German shepherd
  • Dutch shepherd

Why do we train only these dogs?  They love to work for you and have great detecting power. They have an excellent sense of smell.

These dogs are easy to train in any field of training of dogs. These dogs have a strong muscular bodies. They can cover a large amount of ground in a short period.

Belgian Malinois is popular a herding dog. Their alertness and fast responsive quality make him successful in his job.

They are medium to large-sized dogs with strong bodies. They weigh 64-75 pounds. Females generally weigh 64-75 pounds.

They become trained in 45 days to 65 days.

Normally such type of training is required by the government or mining companies.

Narcotics sniffing dogs:

Another type of training offered is narcotics sniffing. These trained dogs are the heroes of the anti-narcotics war.

There are almost 28 sniffing dogs that are the part of anti-narcotics force. The Labrador and Bouncer breed is considered the best breed for this purpose.

They are the silent heroes of the country’s war against drugs. These dogs are the first ones in sniffing and identifying the toughest task.

People also ask

Which services are provided by the Army dog center Peshawar?

Army dog center Peshawar is one of the best security centers in the country. They provide a variety of services for the police and common people.

 They provide a trained dog in case of Murder, theft, robbery, or kidnapping. They provide the best sniffer dog and detective dog.

 Army dog centers provide the best services all over Pakistan.

Can my dog get its training at the army training center?

Yes, the army dog center provides services to train your dog. They have different courses and the fee for every course is different.

They offer training of dogs like common command dog training, guard dog training, tracker dog training, and rescue and save dogs.

It depends on the breed of the dog and your requirement.

How many commands be trained in common command dog training and their charges?

The common command training completes in 45 days. In common command training, they trained your dog in 10 to 12 commands.

The cost of training depends on the breed of the dog. On average, they charge 10 to 20 thousand. Cost also depends on the time duration your pet takes to learn.

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