Kangal Dog in Pakistan ( Price and Features)

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I am going to discuss a strong, balanced structure dog.

Which breed of dog is it?

Yes, it is a Kangal dog. The Kangal dog is a balanced structure dog. It has a large strong head, and an athletic, muscular body.

It is also famous as the Kangal shepherd or Turkish Kangal dog. This breed of dog is native to Turkey and famous as a guardian dog.

 The coat of Kangal is short, thick, and dense. The coat is designed to protect the Kangal from severe weather conditions.

 The cost of Kurdish Kangal dog pair for a 3-month-old is 30,000 to 50,000. 

Kangal dog Price in Pakistan

The adult Kangal is an expensive dog in Pakistan. It ranges from 60,000 to 1 lac. The price of a dog may vary according to locality.

I love this breed of dog. The positive traits of this dog and its dashing personality really impress me a lot.

General Information

The Kangal dog is a strong, powerful, and heavy-boned dog. It is used as a guard against predators. 

The Kangal dog breed was developed in Turkey for working purposes. Although they are pure-breed, you can find them in rescue and shelter homes.

They have huge canines and have the strong protective ability. They are close and good friends of humans.

According to my personal experience, they are gentle and friendly towards children.

Additionally, they need humans who are experts in dog training. They are not good playing dogs. 

According to the vet, they are not suitable for small spaces or small living apartments. Because they are large size dogs.

The appearance of Kangal Dog.

When I saw the Kangal dog I observed that they have a short mouth-nose structure. The chin is blunt and strong.

The teeth are sharp and strong. Their lips are dropping. The area of the eyes, ears, nose, and around the mouth is black. 

If I talk about eyes, these are quite small as compared to the skull.

The color of the eyes is golden–brown. The area around the eyes is black. They look awesome in appearance.

At first sight, they look like a lion. The head is supported by a strong neck. The neck is slightly curved, strong, and medium-sized.

The shoulders of the Kangal dog are muscular. The chest is wide and strong from the front as compared to the back.

The Kangal body is Square from head to feet. The body is slim, not fatty. The abdomen is beautifully retracted.

The front legs are stronger than the hind legs. They are in a cream silver color.

They use their tail to warn about the situation. When they relax the tail, it is low and curved. When they feel danger, the tail is high and curved on the back.

The weight of male Kangal is 50 to 60 kg and female is 41-59 kg.

Their expected life span is 12-15 years.

Health Concerns:

According to the vet, they are a strong and hardy breed. They are not sensitive animals.

 But like many breeds, they may suffer from hip dysplasia. In this disease, they feel problem while moving.

To avoid such diseases, you must visit your pet’s veterinarian regularly.

Giant breed dogs need a proper amount of vitamins and minerals. So follow the diet plan of your vet.

For a healthy pet, regular exercise is required.


The Kangal is a sharp and active dog. I strongly recommend regular exercise and mental stimulation for them.

As they are working dogs so daily walking, jogging, or running should be the part of their exercise.

Assign some tasks to them on daily basis.

If there is no work to do, they will not get proper mental and physical exercises. They will be hard to handle.

Try to arrange a dog trainer who arranges proper exercises for your great pet.


This breed of dog requires very less care. The coat needs thorough brushing at least twice a year. 

As their coats are short and very thick. So it is easy to keep your Kangal well-groomed.

The brushing should be regular in shedding season. The Kangal dog is a seasonally heavy shedder.

They shed heavily during spring and autumn.

People also ask

Can Kangal dogs tolerate hot weather?

It depends a lot on the amount of heat in your area. The Kangal dog basically comes from Turkey. Where the weather gets both very cold and very hot. 

These dogs have a double coat which helps to keep them warm in winter and cool in summer. 

The dog will need sufficient shade and water to be able to cool itself in summer. You may keep it inside in an air conditioner room in extra hot weather.

If you are looking to use the dog for livestock guarding then you must be vigilant in severe weather.

A well-trained working dog is an investment like expensive machinery. It deserves the same attention maintenance.

Is it true that the Kangal dog breed is twice as strong as the German shepherd?

The German shepherd is more capable of defeating a Kangal. Both of them are of the same size almost but the Kangal is a bit heavier than the German shepherd.

But both have almost the same height. Although German shepherd has the potential to grow very large depending on how they are fed.  

My vet Gsd is 73cm tall and weighs 57kg so he would not have any difficulty in beating Kangal.

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