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DVM represents the veterinary health care professionals, and it stands for the Doctor of Veterinary Medicine. It is a very noble profession with a vast scope in both the public and private sectors. If you are looking for DVM jobs, we have this list designed for you to choose what career path you want to opt for after completing your DVM.

After completing the graduation, you can work in both private and public sector veterinary hospitals and clinics. We need the vets at wildlife sanctuaries and zoological parks. A veterinarian can join the army as a veterinary officer.

The army veterinarians are required for the treatment and management of army animals like horses, mules, camels, and dogs. These skilled professionals are in demand both in the field and in the private sector. They can also take up a private practice.

Career Paths

As a veterinarian, you are highly skilled to treat and take care of all animal species. These animals include both household farm animals and exotic or wild animals. This ability makes it easy for a veterinarian to adjust to every workplace environment.

Being a veterinarian, you can choose any of the following sectors for yourself to work. You can also switch career paths at any stage. However, it is better to choose one and stick to it till the end.

  • Dairy sector
  • Poultry sector
  • Race clubs and stud farming
  • Public health and zoonosis
  • Fisheries and aquaculture
  • Wildlife and zoo management
  • Companion animal practice
  • Army veterinarian
  • Teaching
  • Research and training
  • Pharmaceutical industries
  • Private practice

DVM Jobs in 2022

Following are some jobs available in Pakistan for veterinarians in the year 2022. If you are a young and ambitious veterinarian, you can use these opportunities.

1. Karachi Based Company jobs in Karachi 2022

Jobs available for the post of Veterinary Doctor. Apply for the latest Veterinary Doctor jobs in Karachi on PaperPk Jobs (PaperPk.com / PaperAds.com) in Pakistan

Experience Required: No Experience is Needed

Qualification Required: Not Mentioned

City of Job: Karachi Job

Type: Contract

Skills Required: Listening, Speaking and writing & Analytical and Problem-solving skill.

Other Posts Advertised: Karachi Based Company Karachi Jobs for Veterinary Doctor, Supervision Staff Jobs.

2. Punjab Thermal Power Private Limited PTPL

Dairy Farm has advertised veterinary Doctor Jobs in Lahore, and they invite applicants from qualified candidates to fill out the application form.

3. Livestock & Dairy Development Department

The latest Livestock Dept Jobs 2022 – Domesticated animals and Dairy Development Department Government of Punjab has immediately declared many open positions.

The Punjab Livestock & Dairy Development Department is advertising the Pakistan Today Jobs 2022. Eligible Male/Female candidates from across the country can apply for Punjab Livestock & Dairy Development Department – Pakistan Today Jobs 2022, using the procedure outlined by the organization. They will award jobs after completion of the recruitment procedure.

4. Shameer Dairy Farm Lahore

Searching for a candidate suitable to perform treatment, vaccination, and minor and major surgeries in dairy animals.

Degree: Doctor of Veterinary Medicine

Skills required: A state license is required. A strong affection for animals. Capability to make sound decisions about animal welfare and well-being. Excellent communication capabilities.

5. Veterinary Doctor Jobs in Simply Sufi Lahore June 2022

This private company is hiring veterinarians for the post of Production Supervisor. The simply Sufi company welcomes both fresh and experienced graduates for this post.

Scope of Veterinary Medicine in Pakistan

There is a vast scope of veterinary medicine in Pakistan. Since Pakistan is an agricultural country and over 50% of our GDP is from the agriculture and livestock sector, this profession has enormous significance in the country. The following sectors are involved in veterinary medicine practice in Pakistan, each having its pros and cons.

Dairy sector

Pakistan is the 4th largest milk producer in the world. The dairy sector of Pakistan has a huge contribution to worldwide milk and meat production. The maintenance of this status demands high-quality food safety and animal management across the country.

The veterinarians in the dairy sector of Pakistan are highly skilled in performing this task. These ambitious vets work are habitual of working in very harsh environments and under minimal facilities in the field. These professionals have increased the per capita milk production about three times during the last few years.  

Poultry sector

In Pakistan, the poultry sector is the most organized and well-developed. It has a 1.26% contribution to the overall GDP. This sector has job opportunities in both the public and private sectors.

The skilled vets are required for farm management and brooding management for layers. The meat contribution by broiler farms is 26%, and the associated large numbers of Pakistani Veterinarians in this sector.   

Race clubs and stud farming

The equine practice in Pakistan is not a very well-developed sector. This sector demands highly experienced professionals because of the high-cost pressure on these animals. Therefore, this sector has fewer job opportunities as compared to any other sector in Veterinary Medicine.

If you are an equine practice enthusiast, the best way for you is to work during your undergraduate. If you work and gain experience during your undergraduate period, there are bright chances to secure a job in a race club or stud farm. The army also accommodates experienced veterinarians for the army stud farms.

Public health and zoonosis

In Pakistan, many health projects are functional to control the disease spread from animals to the human population. These projects accommodate the professionals from human medicine, veterinary medicine, and botanical and environmental specialists to protect the environmental threats. Right now, there are many projects under the public health department of Pakistan, which require the aid of these veterinarians.

Fisheries and aquaculture

The aquaculture sector in Pakistan has provincial responsibility. The Provincial Departments of Fisheries (DOF) in Punjab, NWFP, and Sindh are actively working to conserve and manage inland waters. These local bodies have developed aquaculture in their respective provinces.

There are many projects for veterinarians to work in this sector. The Government is launching many projects like shrimp farming, local seed production, freshwater carp farming, and large-scale fish farming to reduce the burden of imports in the aquaculture sector. The veterinarians in this sector need to work for the mass production of eggs and juvenile fish in Pakistan.

Wildlife and zoo management

The culture of using animal sanctuaries for wild animals is not very common in Pakistan. However, there are 14 zoos in Pakistan. All these zoos need veterinarians experienced in the care of wildlife across Pakistan. You also need to learn about the care and management of exotic wildlife found in these zoos.

Companion animal practice

It is also a very common sector in Pakistan that accommodates both fresh and experienced veterinary graduates. If you have good finances, you can opt for companion animal practice as your business. There are above 200 companion animal clinics alone in Lahore. Therefore, the scope of veterinary practice in this sector is enormous.

Army veterinarian

Many military veterinary hospitals are working in Pakistan that accommodate the fresh and experienced graduates of Pakistan. The army also has a huge farming sector for all kinds of animals to fulfill the needs of armed officers in Pakistan. However, this sector has its own set of requirements that you need to fulfill as a veterinarian to join the armed forces of Pakistan.  


Teaching is the most flexible sector for the people who dislike doing fieldwork in veterinary medicine. You can work as a professional to teach in public and private sectors university. However, it is difficult for a fresh graduate to get this job. You must get post-graduation and sometimes a Ph.D. level skill set to become a teaching veterinarian.

Research and training

The research and training sector in Pakistan is not well developed. There are very few opportunities in this sector. However, if you are highly skilled, you can easily grab an opportunity in this sector as well.

Pharmaceutical industries

According to many international surveys, the value of the pharmaceutical industry in Pakistan is 3.2 billion USD. This sector has great job opportunities for veterinarians. The human and veterinary pharmaceutical services go hand in hand in Pakistan.

Private practice

The private sector is always open to both fresh and experienced veterinarians. You can also make opportunities for yourself using some finances.  

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