Dog Fights in Pakistan

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Pakistan’s rural Punjab is a popular area for nonhuman animal-fighting, including dog fighting. Some people organize dog fights in Pakistan, even though it is illegal, and law enforcement agencies do nothing to stop them.

In dogfights, trained, conditioned, and bred dogs compete against one another for entertainment and the benefit of the spectators. The fights last between one and two hours and end when one of the dogs has had enough. Aside from being specifically trained to kill each other, the dogs’ behavior is quite common.

Many dog owners apply pungent-smelling ointments to their animals to keep their rivals from biting, oil to keep them from grabbing their animals, and sometimes even poison to kill them. Thus, two officials are assigned to thoroughly wash the dogs before allowing them to fight.

This type of event is always planned in secret deep within the forest or some other remote location. A nearby location is given to participants instead of the exact location of the event. All the matches during the day are filmed so they can be shared on social media.

Local interest in dog fights is the main reason for their popularity. It provides amusement and a reason for celebration for them. Dog fights are popular with gamblers. In just one fight, there are millions of rupees on the line.

As a result, these events are so popular in rural and backward areas of Punjab, Pakistan, both financially and culturally. The dog owners particularly take pride in them. They have spent tens of thousands of rupees on training the dogs for such fights.

A winning dog can be sold for up to 1 million rupees, and the owner can become famous. It earned him a name, and it increased the value of the rest of the dogs as well.

Nevertheless, the dog, unable to continue fighting, is beaten to death, or drowned by his owners.

Is Dog fight in Pakistan is Illegal

Although it is illegal, dogfighting appears to still be practiced in Pakistan. The organizers of this illegal sport can face jail time and a fine of up to six months.

However, authorities have ignored this sickening form of entertainment. Meetings with breeders are therefore scheduled to determine the dates and locations of these fights.

This is an illegal way of organizing tournaments. There is no harm in hoping the government takes notice of this and those promoting such activities will stop, but it would be unrealistic to hope for such a thing to happen.

Harmful Effects of Dog Fighting

Animal’s Mortalities

Dogfighting results in the infliction and sustained injury of severe and sometimes fatal injuries to dogs. Due to their breeding and training for fighting, these dogs have been abused and mistreated from a young age.

An average dogfight involves severe injuries, laceration wounds, and broken bones. Many dogs die after these events because of blood loss, shock, dehydration, exhaustion, or infections.

It is common to test otherwise healthy dogs that are born “cold” or don’t fight with other dogs as part of their training. It is common to beat or poison dogs who are unable to fight.

Illegal Activities

Drugs, money laundering, gambling, and many other illegal activities are the result of such unlawful events. The government does not approve of them.

These events attract a lot of wrong people due to the illegal atmosphere.

Due to the large amounts of cash present at these events, it is common for dogfights to sell and use illegal drugs, as well as firearms and other weapons.


In Pakistan, dog fights also result in homicide. Because there are so many negative people around with illegal activities and firearms, there is always the risk of a fight or conflict. These fights are always fatal, and many people die as a result.

Breeding Violence

These events frequently draw young children, who are insensitive to animal suffering, supportive of violence, and disrespectful of the law. As the children grow older, they become a threat not just to animals, but also to society.

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